Stage One: Planting

The 2019 Garden Competition is well underway.

Our first step: Get the beds ready and plant the seeds we got from our field trip to Spence Farm.

Then, we took a trip to Big R. I gave the boys each $30 to spend on their garden. They had to decide how much they wanted to spend on flowers, vegetable starts and garden decor.

Jake, who loves gnomes in the garden, spent more on decor, but he did buy one pack of tomato starts, some corn and a few flowers.

Joe, who loves bright colors and flowers, spent the majority of his money on an assortment of blues, purples and pinks. The only vegetable start he bought was corn.


We were at Big R for almost two hours. All in all, it was a successful trip. The boys picked out their own plants, decided how much to spend in each category, and purchased from the cashier.

Even though we had talked about sales’ tax, Joe was a little disgruntled when the total came to more than what he had figured. He even re-counted his purchases to double check. The cashiers were very patient and made the learning experience a lot of fun.

It was a great outing for all of us and raised some interesting questions and discussion about all the different types of taxes…more on that in a future post!

7 responses to “Stage One: Planting

  1. Just think about all the valuable lessons the boys are going to remember from trips just like this one. Most important educational lessons are learned from experience and prepares kids to better understand money and finances at a much earlier age- which has been way overdo in our educational system. Good Stuff!

  2. Oh my, I adore the sales tax part, especially that the cashiers helped😍😍😍 and the way you describe each child’s choice, perfect, you must be a writer😉thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I so remember my first gardens. I had no money to spend though. It was all given to me. When I was about four years old, I got my first rhubarb from the garden of my great grandfather, which I still grow. My parents got me such good quality children’s tools that my mother still uses the little shove to clean the ash from the stove. She still uses my Radio Flyer wagon. it was a tiny garden in town, but it was rad.

  4. Oh that sounds wonderful! What a lovely memory.

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