Mischief Makers…in Stereo!

Since I’ve started my voice acting adventure in January, I’ve been a little busier than usual. I’ve been trying to figure out how to blend this new career with my blogging, writing, and homesteading…and then it hit me.

Mischief Makers…in stereo!


I’ve decided that this month, I will record last year’s Mischief Makers stories as a lead up to Nim, Lil, Figgy, Pixie and Glitter’s shenanigans this coming season.


2018 Mischief Makers: Prologue:

2018 Mischief Makers: Day 0:



4 responses to “Mischief Makers…in Stereo!

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  2. I’m loving this!

  3. Me too! I’m so used to hearing the character’s voices in my imagination. So much fun bringing them to life!

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