2018 Mischief Makers Day 18

I decided to play around with the vocals in today’s story. I changed the pitch and tone of each elf’s voice slightly. They sound more like chipmunks so I’m going to keep playing!

Day 18 Snowballs

Did you miss a few? Here they are in order!


Day 0: The Launch


Day 1: Broken Bones and Promises

Day 2: Tinsel Town

Day 3: Snowmen at Night


Day 4: Cookie Clutter


Day 5: Elf in Trouble


Day 6: Scrooged


Day 7: Night Ninjas

Day 8: Googly-Eyed


Day 9 Snowglobes

Day 10 Hot Air Balloons


Day 11 Holidathlon

Day 12 Christmas Climb

Day 13 Nurse Nim


Day 14 Gingerbread House






Day 15 Sugar Cookie Showdown



Day 16: Sizzling Snowmen



Day 17 Gnomes at Home


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