Mischief Makers Day 2: Chicken Charmers

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The adventure continues….


Day 2: Chicken Charmers

“And then, we hid the Christmas pajamas in the freezer with a secret code telling the boys where to find them!” Figgy exclaimed as he finished telling Nim and Lil what a big hit the treasure hunt was with the boys.

“Wow! They sure are growing up if they are writing notes. How exciting!” said Lil.


“Yeees, well. The note had a typo,” said Figgy. 

“Oh,” said Nim. “Well, spelling can be difficult for kids his age–”

“N-not that kind of typo,” Pixie interrupted. “He’d accidentally thanked his mom before realizing he should be thanking us.”

Figgy showed Nim and Lil the note and their faces paled. 

“Oh,” said Nim again. “Well…”. But his voice trailed off. 

Lil quickly changed the subject. “So…what are your plans for tonight?”

Pixie smiled, her face brightening. “We have a BIG surprise planned for them.”

Figgy grinned. “A REALLY big surprise. And we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night.”


* * *



“What was that?” Pixie jumped, startled by the noise.

Figgy whipped his head around, searching for the source.

“Bawk-bawk-bawk. Bagawk!”

Shadows moved around the fenced in coop at the side of the deck.

“Oh no! They must have forgotten to lock the chickens up,” whispered Figgy.

Oh the poor things! They sound so scared. All alone, out in the dark.”

Pixie tiptoed toward the coop, crooning and trying to comfort the hens.

“Pixie, be careful! Those holes are big enough to—”. 

Too late Pixie realized her mistake. She fell through the chicken wire, her leg getting caught in the small holes. “Ack! Figgy, help me!”


Figgy was frozen in place. He’d been scooped up by a robin when he was 103 and had been terrified of any type of bird ever since.

“I-I c-can’t.”


Lights flipped on and the door slid open with a whoosh. Figgy, already frozen in place dropped to a sitting position and Pixie stilled. They’d been caught and weren’t sure if the shadow looming at the door had seen them…or not.


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