Mischief Makers Day 4: Masked Mummies

Read Day 3: Tree Treats, or listen here!


The adventure continues….


Day 4 Masked Mummies

Nim and Lil gave Pixie and Figgy a night off from reporting. They’d seen the looks on the parent’s and then the boy’s faces when they saw the “forest”.

Not good. Not good at all.

Pixie and Figgy sat slumped in the sugar bowl, trying to cheer up. Glitter munched on a sugar cube. Even she could not put a positive spin on the situation. 


“I’m not sure how we can make up for that disaster.” Figgy sighed and scooped up another handful of sugar.

“I wish we’d had time to tidy up a bit before everyone got up,” said Pixie.

“Well we didn’t. And that’s that.” Glitter kicked the sugar cube to the sink and stood up on all fours. “So. How are we going to make up to them for our…disaster last night?”

Pixie let out a heavy sigh. “Sugar cookies?”

“Too messy,” said Glitter. “Figgy?”

“Hot wheel wars?”

“Do you want the kids to hurt themselves?” Glitter glared.

“Fine,” said Pixie with a huff. “What’s your idea, Glitter?”

“Well, I heard Sprinkles talking the other night…”.

“Sprinkles?” Figgy sat up in outrage. “You want us to copy one of HER ideas?” 

“Glitter! How could you even suggest that??” Pixie fumed.

“If you two can’t come up with an idea that will knock their Christmas socks off, then yes. I do think we should use all the resources at hoof.”


Pixie and Figgy stood and dusted the sugar off. 

“There is absolutely NO way we will take any of Sprinkles ideas. Come on Pixie. We’ve got a surprise to plan.”

Glitter smiled to herself as the two elves stomped away. “Nim and Lil were right. It just took a little goading to get them going.”


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