Mischief Makers Day 6: Minecraft and Mayhem

Read Day 5: Hershey Hello or listen here.



Day 6: Minecraft and Mayhem

Nim and Lil doubled over and clutched their stomachs. Their laughter drew attention from other Mischief Makers, who came over to get in on the joke. 

“So,” Nim gasped. “Let me get this straight. You forgot that reindeer, magical reindeer, have super hearing?”

“And,” chortled Lil. “You thought you could pull one over on Glitter? Our very own Glitter?”

Fresh waves of mirth filled the air. 


“We didn’t forget,” grumbled Pixie. “We never knew!”

Figgy ducked his head and mumbled. “Well, you probably didn’t know…but I did.”

“And you didn’t tell me!?”

“I forgot! It was one of the first things we learned in The School of Mischief and Mayhem…but I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Pixie glared at Figgy and then her face softened into a smile, then a grin, then a full on shout of laughter erupted from her belly and filled the North Pole. 

“Oh Figgy, Glitter really got us, didn’t she?” 

Figgy nodded, smiling.

“Where is she anyway?” asked Lil. “I thought she was coming tonight to…do something…for us.”

Pixie and Figgy looked guiltily at each other, missing the odd note in Lil’s voice.

“About that…,” said Figgy. “She’s…otherwise engaged.”

Nim looked suspiciously at Figgy. “Spill it.”

“Well…we had to get her back didn’t we?” 

“And what better way than to sneak up on her and hang her from the ceiling fan in a pair of Joe’s underwear?” added Pixie.

“But, don’t worry. She’ll be here tomorrow,” Pixie promised.


*              *            *  

Deck the walls with Minecraft Mayhem
I will get revenge, will get revenge
When I see you next you will see
I will get revenge, will get revenge

You will be so sor-ry, sor-ry
Wait and see, wait and see, wait and see
Fig-gy, Pix-ie, Figgy, Pixie
I will get revenge, Will. Get. Re–venge!

“Figgy, does that sound like…Deck the Halls?”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Barrel and Glitter pounced and covered Figgy and Pixie with green and red cloth. Dragging them both by the hat, they secured them to the wall with packing tape and threw red and orange streamers all over the floor. 

“What?!” Figgy spluttered.

“How?!” Pixie gasped.

“Not again!!!” They both cried. 

“Mess with deer, you get the antlers.”

Barrel barked. 

“Oh,” added Glitter. “Don’t jump down. The floor is lava.”

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