Mischief Makers Day 7: Toilet Paper Teasers



Read Day 6: Minecraft and Mayhem or listen here!



Day 7 Toilet Paper Teasers

“Truce?” Figgy held out a hand with packing tape still stuck to it from the night before. 

Glitter looked suspiciously at Figgy and Pixie. Could they have forgiven her so easily?

“We’re not mad,” Pixie promised. 

“Honest,” added Figgy. “When the boys got up, they absolutely loved it!”

“Of course,” smiled Pixie. “All they wanted to do for the rest of the morning was play Minecraft so I’m not sure how well your little stunt went over with their parents….”

Glitter hesitantly raised a hoof. “Ok. Truce.”

“Now that that is settled,” said Pixie. “What should we do tonight?”

“I was talking to Nim and Lil at check-in,” said Glitter. 

“You mean, while we were taped to the wall above burning hot lava?” Pixie teased.

“Aaaand,” Glitter continued. “They sent this to help us with Joe and his doubts.”

Glitter held a giant heart shimmering with silver and gold glitter, just like the one she wore around her neck. 


Figgy looked doubtful. “Er…how exactly will that help Joe?”

“It’s not the heart, it’s what’s inside the heart.”

“Glitter, how will glitter help?” Pixie asked. 

The patient reindeer sighed and counted to ten before answering. “The glitter is magic. Christmas magic.”


“Yes. All we need to do is decorate a bit more and sprinkle this around the hou–”.

“And we can make snowflakes!” Figgy hooted.

“And write Christmas jokes everywhere!” Pixie hollered.

“On tiny, sticky pieces of paper!” Figgy jumped.

“On toilet paper squares!” Pixie bounced.

“Everywhere!” Both elves streamed into the air, a manic gleam in their eyes. They were moving so quickly, Barrel and Glitter could barely keep track of where they had been or where they were going. 

“Hey, Pixie! What does an elf learn in school?”


“The Elf-a-bet!” 

Maniacal laughter followed the punchline and the two kept going and going. 

They raced around the house, writing jokes, cutting snowflakes and leaving a trail of chaos behind them. Glitter, too baffled to do more than stare, finally put a stop to the mayhem.

“Ouch!” yelled Figgy.

“Ooomph!” cried Pixie.

The elves sat back to back, each in their own, personal roll of toilet paper. 

“Now…let me see…,” Glitter pranced around them, dragging a wad of toilet paper around them both. 

“Hey,” said Figgy. “What does that say?”

Pixie squinted and cocked her head to the side. “It says…’Jingle bells, stinky smells…HEY!”


Glitter raced off leaving a trail of toilet paper behind her with Figgy and Pixie shouting after her.

“That’s not funny Glitter! Get back here!”


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