Mischief Makers Day 8: Silly Selfies


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Day 8 Silly Selfies 

Sunday, December 8
4 AM

Figgy and Pixie stared at each other from across the basement stairs. 

Figgy could almost see smoke coming from Pixie’s ears. 

Pixie saw the angry fire in Figgy’s eyes.


“I told you it was too heavy and too far!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Well it would have worked if you’d just held on for a few more seconds!” Figgy growled. 

“NO it wouldn–.”

“YES it woul–.”

“ENOUGH!” Glitter brayed. She narrowed her eyes at them both until they huffed and turned their backs to each other. “Now. How do we fix it before the whole house gets up?”

Pixie mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like “Frolicking featherbrained Figgy.” Glitter chose to ignore the comment.

The plan had been simple. Genius even. And it had all been going so well until…

Three hours earlier

We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
Some here and some there!

Let’s take one with Jake
Let’s get one with Joe
Let’s get some with the parents
Some here and some there!

So…bring me a little Figgy
And get me a little Pixie
Yes, throw in a little Glitter
Hey Barrel come here!

“Did you get one with the Christmas tree?” asked Pixie.

“Yep, and one with the ca-a-ATS-too!” sneezed Figgy.

“Figgy, why would you do that. You are allergic!” Glitter rolled her eyes and snorted while Pixie brushed cat hair off of Figgy’s hat. 

Figgy smiled. Then sneezed. 


“Okay,” said Pixie. “Now for the grand finale.” She picked up a giant bag of red and green M&M’s and floated toward the garage door.

“I still think we should leave them clues to find us in the basement,” said Figgy.

Pixie shook her head, jingling her hat. “I told you, the bag is way too heavy and that is way too far to fly.”

“We can do it Pixie! We’ll just go fast.” Figgy turned to Glitter, “Can you leave them a few clues so they can find us?”

Glitter went to the cell phone they’d been using to take pictures and clicked one of Figgy and Pixie holding the bag of candy at the top of the stairs. “That should do it.”

Figgy took the phone from Glitter. ““Ok Pixie, just hold on tight!”

They were half-way down the stairs when it happened. 

“Figgy, I can’t hold it!”

“We’re almost ther—Aaaah-aah—-AAAH-CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!








“Jumping Jinglebells! What happened???” Glitter yelled.

“Ouch.” Figgy rubbed his head.

“Ooh.” Pixie stretched her neck.

A door opened, followed by the sound of running feet. “Mom! MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!


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