Mischief Makers Day 10: All Wound Up

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Day 10 All Wound Up

“Look at all these snowmen!” Pixie circled the table, eyes popping. Tea light snowmen covered the entire surface.

“Wow!” said Figgy. “They even decorated with some trees from our forest!”

“I guess they liked it,” said Glitter. “A lot.”

The elves had watched the boys from their hiding spot in the light fixture. Jake was bouncing on his toes with excitement and a small smile blossomed on Joe’s face when they woke up to their surprise craft. 

“Joe really seemed to enjoy himself,” Pixie’s eyes lit with hope. 

“Well they’re really going to like this!” Figgy twirled down from the ceiling on a string of fuzzy red yarn, a yoyo in each hand. 


Barrel barked at the red yo-yo as it bounced down-up down-up. 

“We thought since the boys’ yoyos broke, they would like new ones so they can keep practicing their tricks.” Pixie rolled out 

“Jake is getting really good at The Elevator,” said Glitter. 

“What other tricks are there?” asked Pixie. 

“Well, there’s The Creeper.” Figgy demonstrated. “Around the Corner” 


“Oh yes,” said Figgy. “And Walk the Dog.”


Barrel rollicked into the kitchen with a ball of yarn chasing him. Somehow, the end had tangled around his foot. The faster he ran, the faster the ball came at him. 



“BARREL! CALM DOWN!” yelled Pixie as she zipped to head him off at the stove. Figgy zoomed from the other side to help. 


“GLITTER? WHAT ON EARTH…?” Figgy watched Glitter galloping hard toward them. Barrel had stopped running, and seemed to have a bigger, goofier smile than usual. 

It was then, that the two elves noticed the placement of the yarn. Red and green strings criss-crossed around them in a complete circle.  


“Barrel, fetch!” Glitter smiled as she kicked the second ball of yarn. Figgy and Pixie were trapped and soon only their legs, face, and the tips of their hats were visible in the tangled balls of yarn. 

“Surprise!” Glitter snorted.


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