Mischief Makers Day 15: Picture Perfect

Miss Day 14? Read or Listen here!

Day 15 Picture Perfect

Figgy the Frosty Elfman,
Liked to run around and play.
Pulling out lights and fry pans,
Telling Glitter jokes all day!

Pixie just loved to listen
All is jokes were really grand.
She even liked Glitter’s banter,
And always gave them both a hand!

Til one cold, dark winter’s eve
Pixie came to say
“Figgy with your pointy hat
Won’t you help me get the cats?”

But kitties don’t like to listen,
They like to do things on their own.
Figgy the Frosty Elfman,
Sorry ‘bout your funny bone!

“I guess hitching the cats to a sleigh was not the best idea,” said Pixie, trying hard not to giggle.

“I g-guess–haha–not, ha ha-ha, hee-hee.” Poor Figgy could not stop laughing. He’d hit his funny bone chasing after Boots and Echo and hadn’t yet recovered. 

“Especially since Figgy is allergic to cats.” Glitter, who had returned late, also tried not to smile. Figgy’s laugh was contagious and the situation, hilarious.

Pixie picked up the red nose. “Now what? Turning the cats into Rudolph and Dasher is out. What should we do?”

Glitter trotted over to examine the red nose. “How many noses do you have?”

“Just this one,” said Pixie.

“Hee-hee, ha, ha…b-but we can-ha!-make m-mor-ha-ha-ha.”

“Figgy’s right! We have a bunch of red construction paper. We can make as many as we want.”

“Good,” said Glitter. “Let’s get cutting, we’ll need quite a few.”

“Why? What do you have in mind?”

“I think we’ll decorate some of the family pictures. Everyone needs a nose job.”

“Ha-ha, hahaha..HA!”


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