Mischief Makers Day 21: Rubber Band Bandits

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Day 21 Rubber Band Bandits

Pixie and Figgy stood in Nim and Lil’s office and hung their heads. 

“We were just trying to help,” said Pixie. 

“Yeah,” added Figgy. “How were we to know she used both whole and powdered nutmeg?”

Nim stood at his desk, looking at Pixie and Figgy and trying hard not to smile. 

Lil took the lead. “Guys, beyond cookies and candies, you don’t know much about cooking or what spices should and should NOT be thrown away.”

“And…spilling half the spices on the floor? Really?” Nim coughed to hide a laugh. Lil narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head.


“I tried to tell them,” said Glitter. “They wouldn’t listen.”

Pixie and Figgy scuffed their feet and sighed. 

“Look,” said Nim. “How about tonight you just lay low.”

“Lay low?” asked Pixie and Figgy in unison.

“Yes,” said Lil. “You know, find a good hiding place. One that will take the boys awhile to find you. And don’t do…anything. Just hide tonight. Ok?” 

Nim and Lil were looking at them with such anxiety that they couldn’t bring themselves to argue.

“Maybe you’re right,” said Pixie. “Come on Figgy. Let’s go…hide.”

*           *          *

“This is SO boring,” groaned Figgy. 

“Tell me about it,” Pixie complained.

Glitter trotted in from the kitchen window and gave them both a severe look.

“Now listen here you two. Nim and Lil have been getting a lot of pressure from Santa to keep the two of you under better control. They’ve already had 3 complaints this year from the boys’ parents.”

“But–,” began Pixie.

“No buts about it. Nim and Lil are Chiefs in Charge and Santa is supposed to be focusing on being Santa. Not cleaning up Mischief Maker messes.” Glitter stormed away, leaving Pixie and Figgy to think about their predicament. 


“She’s right, you know.” Pixie put her chin in her hands. “We’re making things difficult for Nim and Lil with all our mishaps.”

“But they weren’t all our fault!” Figgy frowned. “

“Really? Let’s see….we made a giant mess of the pantry.”

“We were trying to help!” Figgy cried.

“We dusted the whole house with glitter and confetti.”

“But that was sanctioned mischief! We had no choice.”

“We ruined the study, spilled candy all down the stairs, wrapped tin fo–.”

“Ok, ok!” Figgy shouted. “I get it. We’ll just hide tonight. But let’s make it good.”

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and voices down the hall. They quickly ducked out of sight just in time to see Mom and Dad coming into the living room.

“I told them if they had a hot wheels war one more time, they’d lose the fun phones for a week.”

“You know how brothers are, sweetie.”

“That doesn’t…”.

Their voices trailed off as they moved back down the hallway, but Pixie and Figgy had heard enough to know what they were going to do. 

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Figgy?”

“That we should taste-test those mint chocolate chip cookies on the counter?”

“Ye–no,” Pixie laughed. “That we should do something to those hot wheels to keep the boys from playing with them.”

“Like what?”

Pixie smiled with an evil gleam in his eye. “I don’t usually like to copy another Mischief Maker’s idea, but this one is just too good.”

Figgy tilted his head in question. 

“Do you remember where the rubber bands are?”

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