Mischief Makers Day 22: Sew Much Fun

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Day 22 Sew Much Fun

“Well, that backfired.” Glitter, Pixie and Figgy were slumped on the couch still reeling from Joe’s pronouncement.

Now I know it’s you, Mom.”

“You didn’t think that one through,” said Glitter.

“Not helping, Glitter,” Pixie scowled at her. 


Pixie and Figgy’s rubber band wrapped phones was a big hit with the parents…unfortunately, it set them back a bit in the belief department. 

“All that progress we made with Joe, dashed in one night.” Figgy kicked a spool of thread Jake had left out across the love seat. 

“At least it got you back in their parent’s good graces,” said Glitter. 

“But now Joe really thinks his mom is doing all the work after they go to bed.” Figgy kicked another spool of thread. It rolled off the couch and across the room, leaving a trail of green behind.

“You know,” said Glitter. “You could give them a project.”

Pixie and Figgy turned to Glitter, intrigued. 

“I’ve heard them both talking about how much fun they are having sewing. And Jake sewed you that blue shirt.”

Figgy nodded. “Yes, and Joe is sewing a pair of gloves.”

“Maybe they could sew us something,” said Pixie. “Maybe it will help us convince Joe that it’s not his mom.”

“Yes!” said Figgy. “Why would their mom have them sew tiny clothes and blankets that she’ll never use?”

“There is a bunch of Christmas fabric in their sewing kit,” said Glitter. “You could start there and create patterns for what you want them to sew.”

Figgy and Pixie went into the study and searched through the sewing basket. 

“Christmas fabric!” Pixie held up a green swatch with tiny, colorful Christmas lights.”

“And reindeer!” Figgy held up red fabric with tiny white reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. 

Glitter scoffed. “That is not an accurate depiction of Dasher.”

Pixie and Figgy burst into laughter. 

Said the little elf to the little boy
Do you know what I need?
To keep me warm and cozy little boy,
Do you know what I need?
A bag, a bag, a little sleeping bag
It will keep me cozy and warm
It will keep me cozy and warm



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