Mischief Makers Day 23: Remind, Remember, Rejoice

Miss Day 22? Read or listen here!

Day 23 Remind, Remember, Rejoice

Pixie floated around trying to think of something to do. 

“I just can’t think of anything tonight, Figgy.” Pixie stretched out beside Figgy and the camel by the Nativity.

“Me nei–ahhh–ther.” Figgy yawned. 

They were down to just a few more nights and the stress and constant worry about Joe and his fading belief had worn them down. 

I can think of one thing you haven’t done yet,” said Glitter from the ground. She trotted up to them and pulled a rolled up paper out of her reins. 

Pixie took the scroll from her and read it over. Her eyes misted over as she finished. “He wrote a new one this year.” She handed the paper to Figgy. 

Christmas is a joyful time,
Singing carols, bells that chime.
Full of cheer, of food, and joy,
for every little girl and boy.

While sparkly gifts are lots of fun,
We can’t forget God’s only son.
He came to us from far away,
Born in a stable, filled with hay.

His parents traveled very far,
Followed by the brightest star.
God sent his son here to fulfill
and carry out His glorious will.

Have fun, delight in all your play
and laugh, make merry, every day.
Take moments to reflect and see
God’s awesome gift to you and me. 

Figgy hung the poem from the star on the top of the creche and settled back down by Pixie. Glitter rested with the sheep. 

The three friends gazed up at the manger scene and smiled. 

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