Mischief Makers Day 1: Memories of Yesteryear

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“Maybe he doesn’t remember,” said Pixie Powder, a petite elf dressed in pink with rosy cheeks and twinkle in her eyes. 

Figgy Frost, dressed in green, bounced on his tiny toes and rubbed the frost off the kitchen window. “Maybe.”

“I don’t see anyone,” said Glitter. “I think the coast is clear.”

The three friends tip-toed through the window and floated down to the kitchen table. They looked around nervously. Did Joe remember the agreement they’d made at the end of the Christmas season last year…

“Wait!” said Lil, turning to the group. “What if Joe promises not to tell anyone?”

Pixie’s head popped up. “Would that work?”

“Lil,” said Nim in a warning tone. “That’s never been done before. It’s against every rule in the book. Literally.”

“I know, I know. But, hear me out. What if we ask Santa to make an exception for a special case?”

“What kind of special case?” asked Figgy.

Lil floated up to Joe and looked him in the eye. “If we can get Santa to agree…will you help us next year, Joe?”

“H-help? Help with what?”

“Our pranks!” said Pixie.

“Our mayhem!” added Figgy.

“Our mischief!” All eyes turned to Glitter, shocked she would promote mischief in any way.

“What?” she said defensively. “Just because I don’t like messes, doesn’t mean mischief is off the table.”

Lil cleared her throat. “Think about how much fun it would be to surprise Jake and your parents each morning.”

Joe looked down at the four hopeful faces. Pixie and Figgy seemed to hold their breath as he thought it over. 

The corner of his mouth hitched up–the start of a smile. “Th-that would be a lot of fun.”

Figgy looked around one more time and sighed. “I guess he forgot afterall.” 

A shuffle of feet, an excited gasp and a happy giggle came from the living room as Joe peeked over the top of the couch. “Hi guys! I’m ready for mischief!”

The trio cheered in an excited whisper and started to tell Joe their plan for the first night, when he brought out a giant box of props. 

“First, I thought we could set up this obstacle course for Jake and I to do. Kind of like you did last year. Then, tomorrow night, we can make a cookie mess in the kitchen. On the 3rd, we can–.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Joe, we already have plans for the first night,” interrupted Pixie with a smile.

“Yes,” added Figgy. “We always leave a start-of-the-season gift before the true mischief begins.”

Glitter grunted in agreement.

Joe’s face fell and some of the sparkle left his eyes. “Oh. Right.”

The team looked at eachother, feeling bad for disappointing him so soon in the season.

“We-ell,” said Pixie. “I suppose we could change it up a little this year.”

“Yes,” agreed Figgy. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do something different.”

Joe smiled and jumped up and down on his toes. 

“I have an idea,” said Glitter.

The two elves and the young boy looked expectantly at Glitter.

“Maybe we could take turns picking the activity.”

Figgy frowned. “What do you mean ‘take turns’?”

“Tonight, we can do Joe’s idea. Set up an obstacle course. Then, tomorrow, we could pick.”

Pixie and Figgy thought it over. It was a good idea, but could it work?

“Okay,” said Pixie. “Let’s try it!”

Joe bounced on his toes again and put his box of supplies on the table. “So, first we set the trampoline up…”.

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