Mischief Makers Day 2: Fishn’ in the Dark

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“You should have seen it, Nim!” Pixie almost burst with happiness and excitement. “First, we set the trampoline up—.”

“And then, we put a mattress at the top of the stairs for them to slide down to a big tub filled with slime!” Figgy interrupted. 

Even Glitter chuckled in remembrance of the first night. 

Nim and Lil glanced at each other with a hint of…was that sadness? Disappointment? Or, jealousy? Glitter made a mental note to ask them what was going on later. 

“And,” asked Lil. “Did it work out with Joe? Was he still willing to help?”

“Oh that’s the best part,” said Pixie. “It was ALL Joe’s idea!!!”

“But tonight,” Figgy smiled. “Tonight is our turn to come up with the plan. And boy do we have a good one!”

“Hey, we’d better get going,” said Pixie, looking at the time. “So we have enough time to get it all done before morning.”

Figgy jumped and flew into the air before Pixie even finished. She sighed, smiled and turned to Glitter. “Are you ready, Glitter?”

“Er, you go on ahead. I just need to check on something. In the stables.”

Pixie shrugged and launched into the air. Glitter turned to Nim and Lil.

“Okay you two. Spill it.”

Nim looked uncomfortably at Lil. “What do you mean?” he asked innocently.

“Lil?” Glitter looked pointedly at the elf.

Lil didn’t even try to pretend. “Oh, I guess we are just feeling sort of, left out of the fun,” she sighed. “I mean, an obstacle course? What could be more fun than that?”

“Yeah,” added Nim. “And they get to work with Joe. Our Joe! It’s just not…”.

“Fair?” finished Glitter.

Lil and Nim both looked at their toes, embarrassed by the admission. 

“Oh you two,” Glitter snorted. “You know all you have to do is ask Figgy and Pixie if you can help!”

“We know,” said Lil. “But what about our duties at the North Pole?”

“Yeah,” added Nim. “We can’t leave Santa in the lurch at Christmas.”

“I can cover for you for one day if that’s what you are worried about,” said Glitter. “Go on, get to Joe and Jake’s so you can help with tonight’s fun. If it is what I think it is, it’s going to be…well, you’ll see.”

* * *

“Nim? Lil? What are you guys doing here?” Joe jumped up and down, a huge smile on his face. He was so happy to see his old friends in person again. 

Lil smiled. “We thought we’d come and help out tonight. For old time’s sake.”

“We can’t let Figgy and Pixie have all the fun, can we?” Nim winked.

A look of relief passed over Joe’s face. “Well it’s a good thing you are here, because we are having some…trouble with tonight’s trick. Follow me.”

Nim and Lil looked at each other in alarm. What could be going on?

“I TOLD you it should have been blue jello!” Pixie yelled angrily at Figgy. 

“No, you said GREEN!” Figgy answered, just as mad. 




“What in the name of the North Pole is going on here?!” Lil demanded in her best stern Santa voice. 

Figgy and Lil turned to face the door, shock on both their faces at seeing Nim and Lil away from the North Pole.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Pixie.

“Yeah, aren’t you supposed to be at the North Pole organizing…something?” said Figgy.

“We were,” said Nim. “But Glitter said she could take on our duties tonight so we could come here and help you guys with…whatever you are doing. What’s with the green jello?”

That had been the exact wrong question to ask. Figgy and Pixie both puffed up and started arguing all over again.

“See, I told you it wa—.”

“ENOUGH!” said Joe in the loudest, most quiet whisper he could manage. “I keep trying to tell you that my mom has blue jello in the cabinet.”

Silence fell, immediate and complete. 

“Oh,” said Pixie. 

“Well,” said Figgy.

Nim and Lil burst out laughing. “You two haven’t changed a bit!”

Sheepishly, Figgy and Pixie smiled in apology to each other and to Joe.

“Alright,” said Nim. “Now, what do you need the blue jello for?”

“We-ell…”. Pixie and Figgy grinned and zipped to the kitchen. In a flash, they’d whipped up a batch of blue jello, using their Christmas magic to speed up the process. They were back in the bathroom before you could sing Jingle Bells with a giant bucket of blue jello in tow and globs of goo plopping in their wake.

Nim, Lil and Joe’s mouths dropped as they watched Pixie and Figgy dump the entire bucket into the bathtub. 

“Wha–?” Joe’s face went pale.

“Not done yet!” said Pixie.

Figgy, took a bag of rainbow goldfish and sprinkled tiny fish all over the jello mess and Pixie produced a tiny fishing pole. 

“Let’s catch a big one!”

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