Mischief Makers Day 6: The Hunt

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Nim and Lil couldn’t stop laughing. Their giggles filled the garage and made the kittens run for cover. 

“It was…pretty… gross.” Joe reluctantly joined in the laughter. His stomach still hurt from his bowl of “Elf Gaspetti“.

Pixie and Figgy sat on the step, scowling at the others. Glitter brayed and then quickly coughed to cover her amusement. 

“Can we just move on already?” Figgy asked.

“Yes,” added Pixie. “You’ve been laughing and poking fun for over an hour already.”

“Oh Pixie,” Lil soothed. “We aren’t making fun. We’ve done our fair share of mischief that backfired. Why, I remember the time…”.

“Yes, yes, yes,” burst in Figgy. “We all know how much fun you and Nim had during your reign, but now it’s our turn so if you could please just stop talking about your ti—.”

Figgy trailed off and a hush fell over the garage. Nim and Lil were shocked by his outburst. Had they been too involved this season? Had they really done too much? Had they…overstepped?

“Wow,” Nim finally said. “Sorry if we stepped on any toes.”

“Yes,” Lil said. “We sure didn’t mean to barge in on your fun. I guess we just miss our days in the field.”

Joe cleared his throat, uncomfortable with the mood in the room. “Why don’t we–.”

“We should go,” Nim and Lil said at the same time. And without another word, they turned and flew out of the garage and into the dark, starry night.

Figgy’s face fell. He felt just awful. “I didn’t mean to just…say it like that.”

Pixie looked at her toes. “Well, at least it’s…out there.”

Glitter glared at both of them. “I told you to talk with them before things got too heated.”

Pixie and Figgy both groaned. What should they do now? They didn’t want to fight with Nim and Lil. They were amazing role models and teachers, and they genuinely had fun with them. 

Figgy gulped. “What have we done?”

Pixie shook her head. “We can’t do anything about it tonight. Let’s just set up the treasure hunt. We can deal with this situation later. Joe, do you have all the clues?”

Joe silently handed a stack of papers to Pixie and shuffled off to bed, mumbling a goodnight to them all. 

As they hid the clues, both elves were asking themselves the same question: Would later be too late?

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