Mischief Makers Day 7: Bathroom Full of Bows

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“Do you think they’ll come, Glitter?” Figgy asked.

Glitter huffed. “Like I told you the last time you asked…and the time before that…and the zillionth time before that, I don’t know.” 

“Calm down, Figgy,” said Pixie. “I’m sure they will be here. Let’s just get the big surprise ready.”

* * *

“I don’t think we should go, Lil,” Nim said as he slowly put away the ribbons and bows from the wrap-a-thon.

“Everyone was a little…stressed last night, Nim. And they invited us to come tonight, remember?”

Yes, but they sent Glitter to ask us.”

Lil sat next to Nim on the toy shelf and put her arm around him. “You know, we may have been a little over the top when we visited.”


“And we did steal the ball pit Joe made for them.”

“Yes, but still…”.

“AND, did we really need to laugh at the “Gaspetti” incident?”

Nim grunted. “I guess you have a point. But…well, they get to play with Joe! And it’s just not…”.

“Fair?” Lil asked with a small smile. 

“Yes! We were Joe and Jake’s elves for so long and now Figgy and Pixie get to play with him, plan with him and prank with him!”

Lil nodded.

“So when Joe made the ball pit for us–them, I just wanted to join in.”

“I know, Nim. But now it’s their turn and we should feel lucky that they want to invite us to be part of tonight’s mischief.”

Nim floated up, dragging his feet on the ground. “Ok, Lil. Let’s go.”

* * *

“Did you hear that?” Pixie whispered.

“I think it’s the—SURPISE!!! 

Everybody knows
that Christmastime is best
Tinsel, ribbons, bows

Zeal and zip and zest!
Oh! Climbing walls
What a ball!
Colors everywhere!
Green and red and white and blue
They’re even in your hair! Hey!

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