Mischief Makers Day 8: Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star

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“Lil couldn’t make it tonight,” said Nim. “There was a…mishap in Santa’s workshop. She has to do damage control.”

“Oh no!” said Pixie. 

“What happened? And what about Glitter?” asked Figgy. Glitter was also MIM–Missing in Mischief.

Nim made circles on the floor with the tip of his toe. “Let’s just say that one of the newer recruits had an unfortunate mishap with the ribbon cutter. A very unfortunate mishap.”

Pixie and Figgy’s imaginations went running wild at this news. 

“Did he wrap himself in ribbons and bows?” asked Pixie with a giggle.


“Was it pretty paper?”

“Pretty ribbons?”

“Were they…blue?”

Pixie and Figgy burst into a stormy fit of giggles.

Nim eyed them with concern. “Uh, are you two ok?”

Pixie cleared her throat while Figgy rolled on the floor clutching his stomach.

“Sorry, Nim. We’re just a little tired from last night’s celebration.”

Suddenly, Glitter burst through the window startling the three elves. 

“Nim, come quickly. There’s been a new development and we need all elves on deck.”

Nim’s face drained of color as he flew towards the window. “Sorry guys, I have to get back to Santa’s Workshop.”

“We’ll come too!” Pixie said.

“No, no,” said Glitter. “All active Mischief Makers need to stay in the field. We need to keep to the schedule as much as we can.” And with that, Nim and Glitter raced through the window and into the night leaving Pixie and Figgy wondering what in the world was going on at the North Pole. 

“Well,” said Figgy. “That was certainly odd.”

Pixie had her own thoughts on what was going on. She’d overheard a conversation in the Elfettes bathroom, but she didn’t want to tell Figgy what she suspected…especially if she was wrong. 

“I’m sure they’ve got whatever it is under control. We should get busy making the dough and baking the cookies. We’ve got a long night ahead.”

Figgy nodded, but couldn’t help but wonder at the forced cheer in Pixie’s voice.

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