Mischief Makers Day 11: A Sticky Situation

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“Apparently,” began Nim. “Joe was able to convince Jake that it was all a dream.”

“And,” added Pixie. “He assured him that the reason for the dream was that he is just so excited we’re back.”

Glitter frowned, not convinced. Jake was wide awake when she went to the bedroom to look for ribbon. In her mind, there was no way he would believe it was all just a dream. 

Figgy clapped his hands together. “Ok, what are we doing tonight.”

Joe came running into the kitchen with rings of painters tape climbing up his arms. “Hi guys! I thought tonight we could do some climbing.”

Nim eyed the painters tape uncomfortably. Heights were definitely not his favorite.

Lil saw Nim’s face and laughed. “Oh for Cupid’s sake Nim. You fly. Every night. Up in the sky!”

I know that,” Nim said defensively. “But when I fly, I have all the control. I’m not dangling from the sky, trapped in painters tape.”

Everyone chuckled. 

Joe smiled. “It’s ok Nim. You can be at the bottom of the mountain.

“Mountain?” Pixie raised an eyebrow.

“Yep! I’ve built you a mountain out of paper mache!”

Joe led them into the living room where next to a tree was a tall, jagged mountain.

Joe clapped his hands together. “See? It’s not too tall. Tiny really.”

Lil gaped. “Tiny? Tiny?? Maybe for you, but we are tiny ourselves and that is GIGANTIC!”

Figgy gulped. “And jagged.”

Pixie, wide-eyed, stared up at the mountain and then at Joe, who towered above them all. “Uh, Joe? How in the world are we going to stay attached?”

Joe looked at the mountain, at the painters tape on his wrists, and then back at the elves. 

“Hmmm. I guess your right. This painters tape probably won’t hold you up for very long with all those crevices.”

Nim sighed, relieved. 

“How about thumbtacks?”

All the elves gasped in horror. “Thumbtacks!!??”

“Oops!” he exclaimed, shamefaced. “I forgot, your hands and feet are really hands and feet.”

The elves sighed in relief. That was a close one.

“I know!” Joe ran to the kitchen and rummaged in the junk drawer. “Here!”

In his hands, he held a giant package of sticky strips. “This way you won’t fall down when you stop moving.”

Figgy eyed the strips, skeptical of the plan. “Are you sure, Joe? It seems kind of…risky.”

“Oh don’t worry. We put Barrel up on the ceiling with these  in June. He stayed stuck until October!”

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