Mischief Makers Day 12: Foiled Foolishness

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“Why does Glitter have to stay behind again?” Figgy asked.

“That’s just it, Figgy,” said Pixie. “We don’t know.”

Lil floated down from the window sill. “Nim and I don’t even know. Santa came rushing into the barn shouting for Glitter. He pulled her into one of the empty stalls and all we could hear were murmurs and exclamations.”

Nim scratched his head. “Whatever it was, when they both left, they did not look jolly.”


Streams of tinfoil ran down the hallway from Joe’s room to the kitchen. Joe came barreling after the roll with a huge smile on his face. 

“Whoa!” Figgy jumped out of the way as the roll came sliding toward him. 

“Yikes!” Nim and Lil shot to the ceiling to avoid the tin foil tornado.

“Eek!” Pixie somersaulted in the air to avoid being wrapped in a tin foil blanket.

Joe slid to a stop in front of the group and promptly slipped on the carpet of foil. “Where’s Glitter?”

Nim, Lil, Pixie, and Figgy silently agreed. Joe did not need to know that there was a problem at the North Pole. After all, they didn’t know much beyond the Beagle and Bunny’s complaint.

“She had a…tiny reindeer issue to deal with. Nothing major,” said Lil. 

“Oh. Well…I guess we won’t be able to wrap her up in tin foil. Who wants to go first?”

“What do you mean?” Pixie asked. 

“Tin foil mummies!”

“Come again?” Lil said.

“Mummies! I’m going to wrap you all up to look like tin foil mummies.” Joe smiled.

“No,” said Figgy.

“Absolutely not,” added Nim.

Pixie and Lil nodded in agreement.

Joe frowned. “Why not? It will be fun.”

“We hung from a tall mountain all day and now you want us to stay wrapped up in-in tin foil!” Lil put her hands on her hips.

Nim narrowed his eyes. “How about we wrap you in tin foil Mister!” 

Joe crossed his arms and stuck out his bottom lip. “I bet Glitter would have done it.”

The elves guffawed and slapped their knees.

“Nice try,” said Nim. “But we all know there is no way Glitter would have agreed to this madness.”

“Oh fine,” Joe turned and started rolling up the tin foil. 

“Wait,” said Pixie. “We can still use the tin foil for tonight’s trick.”

Joe turned back, hope in his eyes. 

“Yes,” said Figgy, flying to the shoe rack. 

“Ah,” said Nim. “I think I know what you are thinking.”

“Tin foil shoes!” said Lil.

“Tin foil wine!” shouted Pixie.

“Tin foil cats!” added Figgy.

The others turned to Figgy with raised eyebrows. 

“Er, too far?”

Nim shook his head. “Let’s just do the shoes, Figgy. Just the shoes.”

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