Mischief Makers Day 16: Lego Villages

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“Still no word?” Figgy and Pixie met Nim and Lil outside Santa’s office at the North Pole. It had been two whole days since the audit, and they hadn’t heard a peep from the DFFF.

“‘Fraid not,” said Nim.

“It’s not unusual though,” said Lil. “Paperwork gets backed up, especially around the holidays.”

Pixie sighed and crossed her arms. “Well, that doesn’t make me feel any better.”  

Lil patted her friend on the back and Nim gave Figgy an encouraging smile. 

“Don’t worry,” said Glitter. “I’m sure The Grump didn’t find a thing.”

Although Glitter meant well, they all knew that the likelihood of that was slim. Audits at the North Pole were not random. They normally meant a suspicion of…something. They just didn’t know what, why or who initiated it. 

“We’d better get back,” said Figgy, breaking the silence.

* * *

When the duo got back to the boys’ house, they found a note from Joe on the table, hidden under the salt shaker. 

Hi guys,

So…Jake and I got into REALLY big trouble today. 

We…er…had a fight with Lego blocks. ALL the Lego blocks. 

Anyway, we had to go to bed and have to get up early to clean it all up. Just wanted to let you know so you don’t do something super messy since Mom and Dad are already mad. 

We’ll do that thing with the cats tomorrow. 


“Oh man,” said Figgy. “I was really looking forward to tonight’s plan.”

“I know, but it will just have to wait another night. Joe would be really upset if we did it without him.”

Knowing she was right, Figgy flew to the counter where Joe, or someone, had left a stack of sugar cubes shaped like a tiny chair. “I wonder if he made this for us.”

Pixie picked up a cube and took a bite. “I don’t know, but it’s the perfect thinking snack.”

“What should we do, Pixie?”

“We can’t do the cat thing and we can’t make a big mess, so a glitter war is out.”

Figgy frowned. “Was a glitter war ever in?”

Pixie pondered over their predicament for a few minutes, taking another sugar cube from the chair. 

“Don’t eat all of it,” Figgy said. “Someone worked hard building it.”

Pixie suddenly smiled and sailed down toward the stairs, knocking the sugar cube chair all over the counter. “I know!”

“Hey!” Figgy yelled after her. “Look what you did!”

“C’mon Figgy! We’ve got work to do!”

Figgy followed after Pixie, looking mournfully over the mess she’d just made. “What are we doing?” he asked when he landed next to her amid the Lego destruction. 

“Well…let’s clean up this mess and have a contest!”

Figgy looked around at the wreckage. Lego blocks littered the floor. The couch cushions were lined up like a wall and it looked as though the boys had a battle.

“Whoa,” Figgy said.

“I know,” Pixie added. “We’ve got work to do. But, think how happy Joe and Jake will be tomorrow when they find all the work done?”

“Riiight,” said Figgy. “But, they made the mess.”

“You’re right, but if Joe’s letter is any indication, they’ve learned their lesson and won’t do it again, so it wouldn’t hurt to help. Just this once.”

“Hmm. I suppose you’re right, but–”.

“And then…I challenge you to a Christmas Village build-off!

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