Mischief Makers Day 19: Birthday Pancakes

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“Double digits!” said Pixie, excitedly bouncing around the kitchen.

“The big 1-0!” said Figgy, spinning around the tree. 

Joe’s birthday was their 2nd favorite day of the season. Only the Season Starter topped it. 

“Where could Nim and Lil be?” asked Pixie, finally settling to the counter. 

Figgy scratched his head as he floated to join her. “I don’t know. They were just as excited as we are to celebrate Joe’s birthday.”

Glitter came galloping in through the window, huffing and puffing. “Out of the way! They’re coming in hot!”

Startled, Pixie and Figgy barely had time to dive for cover when Nim and Lil torpedoed onto the counter with birthday flare following them. Streamers, banners, balloons and was that…a pinata?

“Sorry we’re late,” puffed Lil. “We had quite a load of loot.”

Nim looked around the room. “Where’s Joe?”

“We told him we had tonight under control,” said Figgy.

“And he didn’t argue?” asked Lil.

“Oh no,” smiled Pixie. “I think he knew we were working on his birthday surprise so he just scurried off to bed, no question.”

Nim and Lil smiled, not surprised. Every year for Joe’s birthday, the elves added an extra layer of fun. 

“Alright team,” said Glitter. “Let’s get cooking!”

The elves whirred around the kitchen. Pixie made puffy pancakes while Figgy filled bowls with toppings. Nim knocked his hat off decorating the table and Lil layered banners and tinsel in the lights. 

Glitter supervised, making sure the elves didn’t go too overboard with the mess and noise and Barrel kept watch in the hallway outside the boys’ rooms.

When all the pancakes were made and all the decorating complete, the tired team collapsed on the counter and surveyed their work. 

“Joe is going to absolutely love this!” said Nim. 

Lil nodded. “I think we’ve outdone even the chocolate lake and caramel river birthday.”

Pixie tilted her head. “Something is missing.”

Figgy frowned. “Yes, something is missing.”

Nim and Lil looked around wondering what could possibly be missing when every surface was covered in birthday flare and pancake mix. 

Glitter cantered up to the group. “I’m ready to hang the pinata. Where is the candy?”

The elves paled.

“How could we have forgotten the candy!” Pixie cried. 

Figgy hung his head. “So much for the best birthday bash ever.”

“Uh, guys?” Lil said, trying to hide a smile. “Do you really think he will notice that there isn’t any candy?” 

“I mean, just look around.” Nim flew around the kitchen and dining room. 

“You’re right, Nim,” sighed Pixie. “We just wanted it to be perfec–.”

“Wha-what’s going on?” 

As one, the team turned toward the tiny, tired voice. Barrel sat, still and stuffed in front of…Jake.

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