Morning Quiet

In the morning, when all is still, I quietly make my way to the greenhouse with a cup of coffee for a few moments of solitude.

The soft light dapples the dewy ground.

The morning birds call up the sun.

The air is crisp.

There is a stillness, a warmth trapped in the greenhouse. The birds and morning sounds are muted. I roam around the tables, coffee cup in hand, gently checking my plants.

Then I sit, sipping my coffee and enjoying the moment.

There are times when I feel we should be doing more. Starting more seeds, filling it to bursting with green. But in the quiet mornings, I know that we are using it for exactly what we need.

There will be time to do more. But for now, I enjoy my quiet mornings. Sitting with my cats and soaking in the sun.

2 responses to “Morning Quiet

  1. Love this!

  2. Thank you!

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