The Adventures of the Teleporting Glasses

Inspiration hit a few weeks ago. Here is a new story…tell me what you think…

Jake shuffled into the kitchen. (Art note: Holding a book about space.)




“Pancakes today!” Mom said. 

Jake grunted.

“Why so glum?”

“I think my glasses teleport after I fall asleep.” 

“Hmm. Why do you think that?”

“Well, I fall asleep and they are still on my face, but when I wake up they are gone. Aaaand, they are always in a different spot.”

Mom smiled. “Maybe they are going on adventures.”

Maybe I should stop wearing them so they can go on adventures all the time?” Jake said hopefully.

“You need those glasses, buddy.”


“You need them to read, see the world and go on adventures of your own.”

Jake paused and looked down at his book. 

 “I think they went to outer space last night.”

And Jake told his mom a story…

Glasses peeked at Jake. He was sound asleep. They shimmered and shook. 


Glasses zipped through galaxies and shining stars. 

They zoomed around the big dipper. 

They zapped meteors to earth. 

Glasses felt like they were swimming through the sparkling sea!

“Sounds like Glasses went on quite the adventure,” his mom said.

Jake smiled and glug, glug, glugged syrup all over his stack of pancakes. “I wonder where they will go tonight.” 

The next morning, Jake raced downstairs. (Art note: Holds a book about the ocean.)

“Mom! Glasses went to the ocean last night!”


Glasses splashed into the deep, deep sea. 

They swam with sharks and whales and seahorses. 

They slid past coral and schools of sparkly fish.

They streamed through the cool, crystal water. 

Glasses felt like they were flying!  

“What do you think Glasses will do tonight?” asks Jake’s mom.

Jake smiled and crunch, crunch, crunched his cereal. “I think…they will fly through the clouds!”

That night, Jake’s mom tip-toed into the room and found Jake fast asleep. (Art note: Holds a book about planes.)

Gently, she took Glasses off and put them on the table next to his bed. 

As she left, Jake cracked one eye open and grinned.

(Art note: Glasses glimmer/wink.)

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