The Elves are Coming Soon!!!

I am furiously adding the final touches to this year’s Mischief Makers’ Tale. If you want to get caught up…here’s the first story from 2020!

Mischief Makers 2020: Prologue

Stay tuned for all new tales in Mischief Makers: The 12 Days of Mischief!






Four elves landed in a heap on the kitchen counter.

Pixie, a former member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade, spun around.

Figgy, her green-clad partner rolled over the edge while Nim and Lil, Chief Mischief Makers, helped him back up.

A soft giggle drifted across the room.

“Joe!” called Lil and Pixie.

“Jake!” cried Nim and Figgy.

Joe and Jake, grins so wide their cheeks hurt, rushed to the four elves. “It’s so good to see you guys!”

“Figgy and I just wanted to stop by before heading to our new assignment,” said Pixie.

“And Nim and I thought we’d tag along to say hello!” said Lil.

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