Mischief Makers 2021 Day 0: Prologue

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Four elves landed in a heap on the kitchen counter.

Pixie, a former member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade, spun around. 

Figgy, her green-clad partner rolled over the edge while Nim and Lil, Chief Mischief Makers, helped him back up.

A soft giggle drifted across the room. 

“Joe!” called Lil and Pixie.

“Jake!” cried Nim and Figgy. 

Joe and Jake, grinning wide, rushed to the four elves. “It’s so good to see you guys!”

“Figgy and I just wanted to stop by before heading to our new assignment,” said Pixie.

“And Nim and I thought we’d tag along to say hello!” said Lil. 

“We stayed up late hoping you would all come to see us!” said Jake.

Joe nodded. “And to hear about your new assignment!”

Pixie jumped up and down. “All we know is that we will be entertaining twins! And their names are Gabe and Gertie.”

“We have so many fun stunts planned!” Figgy danced on his toes. “We made a whole list!”

“Oh a list!” squealed Lil. “Can we see it??”

Pixie nodded. “Glitter has it, she should be here any minute.”

Glitter soared through the window and landed lightly next to the group bowing her antlered head to the boys. 

“Glitter!” The boys hugged the regal reindeer. 

Ruuuufff! Barrel, a tiny Saint Bernard, came bounding into the room straight at Glitter.  

“Oof! Sorry I’m late, I was casing our new assignment, making sure the list you two made would work.” 

“You were…what now?” Figgy asked.

Pixie giggled. “She was checking out our new house…casing the joint.”

“Yes. Well, er…it appears as though Santa…miscalculated.”

“Miscalculated?” Figgy tilted his head and pursed his lips.

“Yes…as it turns out there will be more than just the twins at your new assignment.”

Pixie smiled. “How wonderful!”

Glitter pawed the floor. 

Figgy narrowed his eyes. “How many more?”

Glitter gave a soft, nervous bray.


“Well…in addition to Gabe and Gertie…you have Molly, Heidi, Tom, Tim, Mary, Felix, Terry Jr., Willy and Julie.”

Nim cleared his throat. “So…11?”

 “And then there’s the youngest. Alex. She’s a bit…spirited.”  

Lil gasped. “12??”

Pixie panicked. 

Figgy fainted. 

Glitter sighed. “That went about as well as I expected.” 

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