Mischief Makers 2021 Day 1: The First Pair

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Figgy Frost and Pixie Powder stood nervously outside the small, white cottage. 

“Do you think they’re all asleep?” Pixie asked.

Figgy fidgeted. “Only one way to find out.”

Softly, the two elves flitted through a downstairs window and landed on the counter with a soft thump. Wide-eyed, they gazed around at their new Christmas-season home. 

“It’s so…clean,” said Pixie.

“And…organized,” added Figgy. 

The two elves looked anxiously at each other, the same thought on both their minds. 

“I guess we should…get started?”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Glitter? She’s bringing the list and the supplies.” Pixie peered through the window at the night sky. 

“Oh we don’t need the list anymore. I’ve got it memorized!”

“Ok, let’s figure out where we are going to set the hot chocolate bar up.”

Pixie and Figgy wandered quietly through the dark house. The sound of hooves clattering made the pair turn. Glitter, wind-blown and flustered, cantered toward them dragging a big bag overflowing with hot chocolate bar supplies. 

“Finally!” said Figgy. “Where have you been, Glitter?”

“I just left another last minute meeting with Santa, Nim and Lil. Apparently, we have inherited a B.R.A.T.T. family.”

Pixie and Figgy stared blankly at Glitter.

Glitter sighed. “I forget, you are both fairly new to the program. The B.R.A.T.T. is the “Big Rowdy Association of Tiny Tyrants.”

“The…what now?” Figgy asked.

“Big. Rowdy. Association of. Tiny. Tyrants. It’s a growing group of families who have…rambunctious children.”

When Pixie and Figgy cocked their heads, Glitter continued. “The Malloy family, this family, has had two different teams over the past two years.”

“Two teams?” Figgy gulped.

“In two years?” Pixie gasped. “Why so many?”

The kids are spirited. They are mischief makers themselves and can get rather…carried away.”

We can get carried away too.” 

Glitter smiled and coughed uncomfortably. How could she tell Pixie and Figgy what she had learned from Santa without scaring them? 

She couldn’t. She wouldn’t.   

“Yes, I know. That is why Santa thinks you two will be able to handle this job. Turn things around. Get the Malloys back on track.”

Pixie and Figgy frowned. “What do you mean “back on track”?”

“I guess what I’m saying is…this is their last chance. With Santa, it’s three strikes and, well, you know…”

“Glitter,” said Figgy. “Are you saying that if the Malloys don’t cooperate, no more Mischief Makers for them…ever?”

Glitter nodded grimly. “Exactly.” 

* * *

Determined to make this the best year for the Malloy family, Pixie and Figgy decided to set up the most fantabulous hot chocolate bar ever in the kitchen. 

“I’ll go put the note on the milk in the fridge,” said Pixie. “You finish setting up here.” 

Figgy placed the last chocolate bar on the plate and stood back to admire the display. “I think we are all set. What do you think, Pixie?”



Figgy flew around the kitchen in search of his partner. 


“Pixie!? Where are you?”


Figgy flew to the fridge and pulled it open. Pixie was trapped! The tip of her toe stuck out from under a glass bowl. Frantically she shook her head and waved her hands.

“I’ll help you!”


“What? I can’t understand a word you are saying!” Figgy pried up the container to help Pixie out. 


Thwoop! BAM! Figgy found himself in a heap next to Pixie, under a giant glass bowl.

“Maybe if we both push we can–.”

A container of syrup attached to a string flipped to its side and glug, glug, glugged all over the bowl, sealing it to the shelf and revealing a hidden note from their tormentors. 

“Ha! GOTCHA! ~Gertie and Gabe

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