Mischief Makers Day 3: The Third Hen

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“Ho, Ho, HA!” Santa rubbed his belly as he laughed. Figgy and Pixie had just finished telling the group what had happened the night before and were now waiting, rather impatiently for Santa’s mirth to fade. 

“But how do they know,” said Nim for the umpteenth time. 

Pixie and Figgy were both starting to agree with Nim. 

“I thought the first night was just a coincidence,” said Lil. “But now…”. 

“Well there is no way they’ll know what we are doing tonight. It’s too…too, well, they just can’t possibly know, right?”

Nim exchanged a look with Lil and Santa. “Right, there’s no way…”.

* * *

Pixie, Figgy and Glitter soared through the stars all lost in thought. Coincidences happened, but these past few nights had been too full of crazy coincidence for comfort. 

“There it is,” said Pixie. The three friends spotted the house and nose-dived for the back yard to pick up their prop for the night’s shenanigans. 

“Here, chick, chick, chick.” 

“Figgy,” said Pixie. “That’s not how you talk to a chicken.”

“Oh? And just how should I be communicating?”

“Like this. ‘Tuk, tuk, tuk!’”

“No,” said Glitter. “It’s like this. ‘Bawk, bawk, bawk.’”

“Here chick, chick, chick.”

“Tuk, tuk, tuk!”

“Bawk, bawk, bawk.”

“Oh none of this is working,” said Pixie. 

“Let me go in and see what is going on,” said Figgy.

He tip-toed to the coop and peeked inside. “Hey, no one’s in here.”

Glitter wandered to the house to peek inside the window. “Oh my.”

Pixie and Figgy swiftly flew to her side. 


Three full-grown hens were inside on the kitchen table pecking at and pooping on the placemats. 

“What?!” Pixie panicked.

“How?!” Figgy floundered.

“Get them!” Glitter growled. 

Zipping through the window the two elves landed with a crash, startling the hens and sending feathers flying. 

Glitter galloped after a speckled one while Figgy and Pixie raced after two leghorns. 

“Don’t wake the family!” Pixie pounced on one of the leghorns.

“Are you kidding?!” Figgy fought another to the floor.

“GOT ONE!” Glitter grabbed the speckled hen. 

“NABBED ANOTHER!” Pixie pulled a leghorns tail.

“HEEELLLP!!!” Figgy fought the rooster. With effort, he managed to tackle it in a giant puff of feathers and a few squawks. 

Breathlessly, the three rested with their hens, gathering their wits and catching their breath. 

“Now…puff, puff…what?” asked Pixie. 

“Well, I guess we use them all?” said Figgy. 

Glitter looked doubtfully at the rooster, who looked angrily back at her. “I don’t think this one is feeling all that cooperative. I’m taking him back to the coop. 

As Glitter heaved and pushed the rooster back outside, Figgy and Pixie got to work dressing the hens up like elves. 

As they donned the last hat, Glitter came galloping into the room. “You’re going to want to read this.” 

Figgy took the note from Glitter and Pixie read it over his shoulder. 

Have fun with all the feathers! Hope the Christmas Hens cooperate!


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