Mischief Makers Day 4: The Fourth Call

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“But Santa, it wasn’t us!” Pixie stomped her foot in exasperation. 

“Yeah, we’re the victims here,” added Figgy. “It’s like they are one step ahead of us. Every. Single. Night!”

Nim and Lil looked on sympathetically while Santa scratched his chin.

“Yes, yes, but that is beside the point. The Malloy parents have called the hotline and left four messages. Four! They are upset and need someone to blame. Namely, you two.”

Pixie looked ready to cry while smoke nearly flowed from Figgy’s ears. 


“Santa,” Nim interjected calmly. “Maybe we should take it from here.”

With a nod, Santa trundeled back into his office. Nim and Lil turned to Pixie and Figgy.

“Nim, I—”.

“Lil, we—”.

Lil held up a hand. “Ok, ok. We know that you aren’t the ones causing the havoc, but you are the ones getting the blame. So what can we do?”

“I still don’t know how they are doing it,” mused Nim. 

Figgy harrumphed. “Boy if I knew, I’d…I’d…well, I’d do something about it.”

“Lil and I will noodle on the problem, you guys just focus on the next task.”

Pixie perked up a bit. “I’ve been soooo excited for tonight! Sundae bars are so much fun!”

* * *

Sneak, sneak, sneak.

Figgy and Pixie peaked in through the kitchen window, eyes darting right, then left.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

A few steps on the counter and they stopped, crouching low and holding their breath. 

All was quiet except for the sound of the clock ticking. 

“Maybe they only had the first few nights planned,” Figgy said as he signalled Glitter to bring in the sundae supplies.

“Let’s hope so,” said Pixie.

As quietly as they could, they set up the sundae bar. Sprinkles of every kind and syrup of every flavor were arrayed across the table. 

“So far, so good,” said Glitter. 

Figgy sighed, relieved. “I guess they didn’t have anything else planned for us after all.”


“What was that?” asked Pixie.

Glug. Glug.

“It’s coming from the living room,” said Figgy.

Glug. Glug. GLUG!

A sweet, chocolaty stream surged toward the ceiling and rained sticky goodness all over two very surprised elves and one shocked and appalled reindeer. 

Frantically, Figgy and Pixie raced into the living room with Glitter galloping at their heels. They skidded to a halt, spraying chocolate all over themselves and the couch. 

“Is that a fountain?” Figgy asked as brown goo dripped down his hat.

Pixie stuck out her tongue to catch a few drops. “Mmmm…milk chocolate!”

Glitter, looking put out, pointed a hoof at a note, written in chocolate. 

Thought you could use this for the sundaes! ~Tom

“Guess they weren’t done with us.”

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