Mischief Makers Day 5: The 5th Ring

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“Oh look,” said Pixie. “I didn’t get all of the chocolate off my toes.”

“Well I still have some in my hair,” said Figgy. 

Your hair,” grumbled Glitter. “Try getting it out of fur. After it’s hardened.”

“At least it wasn’t as messy as the chicken feathers,” said Pixie. 

“At least you two didn’t get stuck, wrapped up in yarn for an ENTIRE DAY!”

Pixie and Glitter tried to keep a straight face while nodding sympathetically. 

“Of course, you are right, Figgy.”

“Yes,” added Pixie. “We are so…hee hee…so sorry about–.” Then, she lost the battle and fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. 

Figgy rolled his eyes and pulled the hula hoops in through the garage. When he came back in the kitchen, Pixie’s fit was over and Glitter tried for a dignified expression, though chocolate was still stuck on her antlers. 

“I’ll gather the pillows,” said Pixie. “We need three, right?”

Glitter nodded. “I’ll grab the painter’s tape.”

“The traffic cones are already downstairs.” 

Pixie and Figgy headed for the stairs, Glitter trailing at a canter. 

“How many rings do we have, Figgy?”

“Five, but—.”


“What was that?” asked Glitter.


“It sounds like—.”

“INCOMING!” Pixie streamed the rest of the way down the stairs taking cover under the game shelf. 

Water balloons came crashing down on them, splattering and bursting with colored water. 

“Where are they coming from?! Can you see anything Glitter? Glitter?”

Figgy turned around to see Glitter tangled up in a wire. His eyes followed the wire up, up, up to a dangling net with the last of the color bomb balloons raining down on poor, wet Glitter. 

Pixie peeked out from under the game shelf as the last balloon floated gently down and, with a soft *Pop* revealed a folded up piece of paper. 

Hope you like water balloon fights!


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