Mischief Makers Day 6: The 6th Goose

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“This is getting out of hand,” said Nim as he helped Figgy and Pixie pick up the mess of sticks, string, and broken eggshell that littered the table.

Nim had offered to fly back with them to help set up the edible bird’s nest project they had planned for a fun breakfast activity. When they arrived, they found destruction. The kitchen was a disaster. 

The remnants of an actual bird’s nest was strewn across the floor. A soft honking coming from the corner cabinet. Upon investigation, they had found an actual live goose sleeping in a frying pan. A note was attached to the bright bow around it’s neck.

Hope you like goose eggs for breakfast! 


It had been…difficult to get the big bird out without making too much noise. 

Again, for the zillionth time, Nim wondered aloud. “But, how on earth have they known your plans?”

“I have a theory,” said Figgy.

“Oh Figgy, not this again!” Pixie said. 

“Well, how else do you explain it, Pixie?”

Nim pulled the candy eggs and donuts out of the bag for the real breakfast project. “What theory?”

Figgy shifted his eyes right, then left and whispered. “A spy at the Pole.”

Nim blinked. 

Pixie sighed. Heavily. 

“Hear me out,” said Figgy. “Every night since the beginning, they have known exactly what we had planned.”

“Okaaay,” said Nim. “But how would they have a spy at the North Pole?”

“That’s the mystery!” exclaimed Figgy. “Someone at the North Pole has been bribed to infiltrate and pass information back to the outside. Some disgruntled toymaker probably.” 

Figgy sat back, confident that he had convinced Nim that his theory was correct. 

Nim put a gentle hand on Figgy’s shoulder. “I think you need to take a few nights off, buddy.”

“WHAT? NO, I don’t need to take any time off!!”

Nim looked at him with sympathy, speaking as if Figgy were a skittish pony. “It’s ok, Figgy. Everyone buckles under stress.”

Pixie giggled. 

“Well what else could it be?!”

The three sat staring at each other. Wondering what was going on and who was responsible. 

An angry bray startled them out of the reverie. Glitter, while prancing through the window, had slipped on an eggshell, slid across the floor, and crashed into a pile of goose droppings. 

“What in the reindeer games happened here?”

“A spy, that’s what happened.” 
Nim closed his eyes and Pixie rolled hers. Both secretly wondering if Figgy was right after all.

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