Mischief Makers Day 7: The Seventh Swan

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Figgy paced back and forth in front of Santa’s desk. 

“But Santa! It must be a spy! How else would the kids have known what we had planned?” 

Pixie, still unsure, said, ”But who would do that to us, Figgy? It has to be a coincidence. A really, strange, spooky and specific coincidence.”

Figgy harrumphed. “Really, Pixie? A coincidence? Every. Single. Night?”

Santa raised a hand. “Alright you two. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this.”

“Yeah,” said Pixie. “There’s no way they’ll know what tonight’s plan is. And even if they somehow guess, all we are doing is filling the bathtub with all those fake swans we hid. How big a mess could they possibly make with that idea?”

Nim and Lil nodded. 

Figgy crossed his arms and glared at everyone. “Mark my words, those little rascal’s know our every move!”

* * *

Splish, splash!

“What on earth could that be?” wondered Pixie.

“Oh no,” said Figgy as he zoomed to the bathroom. He was so intent on getting their quickly, that he crashed into the door frame and fell back. Expecting a hard landing, he was surprised to hear a soft “squish”. His surprise swiftly turned to disgust as he realized just what he had landed in.

Pixie stared at him. “Is that–?”

“Don’t,” he said. “Just don’t.”

Biting the inside of her cheeks, Pixie turned away and peered into the bathroom. Her laughter disappeared and her panic kicked in. The bathroom was filled with swans, most of them the fake ones they’d hidden on the first night, but there were three real ones floating serenely in the bathtub. 

“Uh, oh. The swans we were saving for tonight! They found our stash of supplies!!” Pixie’s eyes bulged. “Figgy, I think that was swan poo–.”

“HOW?!” exploded Figgy. “HOW DID THEY GET A LIVE SWAN IN HERE?!!”

At Figgy’s outburst, the swans swiveled their heads, noticing the two elves. It began to trumpet. Loudly. 

“oh-OH! oh-OH! oh-Oh!”

“Look Figgy,” said Pixie.

Figgy interrupted her. “Let me guess. There’s a note.”

Sara the swan needed a swim!


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