Mischief Makers Day 8: The Eighth Milk Jug

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Figgy sat at the cafeteria table scribbling furiously in the Naughty and Nice Notebook.

Name: Felix Malloy 
Status: Naughty
Crime: Live fowl in the bathroom

Name: Tim Malloy
Status: Naughty
Crime: Water balloons down the stairs

Slowly, cautiously, Nim, Lil and Pixie approached. 

“Figgy? What are you doing?” asked Lil.

“Making a list for Santa. He’ll need to check it twice before heading out on Christmas Eve and I want to make sure he has ALL the information.”

Name: Tom Malloy
Status: Naughty
Crime: Chocolate Fountain explosion

“Oh Figgy, I’d hardly call it an explosion!” said Pixie.


Name: Molly Malloy
Status: Naughty, Level 5
Crime: Elf kidnapping

“Now Figgy, that is going a little far!” scolded Nim. 

Figgy’s pen stopped scratching and he looked up at Nim. “I was hanging from that craft cart all night, Nim. All. Night.”

Nim gulped. 

Name: Gabe and Gertie Malloy.

“Alright Figgy, that’s enough,” said Lil. “Put the pen down and step away from the Notebook.”

Figgy started to argue, but then caught sight of Santa coming in through the double doors and, wisely, held his tongue.

“Did I hear the Malloy children anticipated your antics once again?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes,” sighed Pixie. “It really is a mystery how they–.”

“Mystery?!” Figgy exploded. “Is it a mystery, Pixie?”

“Yes, yes Figgy,” interrupted Nim. “We all know your theory.”

Figgy began mumbling under his breath. 

“Theory…true…I’ll get proof…you’ll see.”

“C’mon, Figgy. Let’s head out.”

Grumbling and shuffling his feet, Figgy followed Pixie through the clouds.

* * *

“Ok,” said Pixie. “So far, so good.”

When the elves had arrived back at the Malloy house, there was no sign of a mess or mayhem. Perhaps the children grew bored or perhaps they were sent to bed early. Whatever it was, Lil was grateful. Figgy, suspicious. 

“We can use this dish.” Pixie pointed to a large white bowl on the table. “Figgy, can you get the food coloring? I’ll get the dish soap and milk.”

Figgy cautiously approached the pantry cabinet. He opened the door and jumped back quickly. Nothing happened. 

He peeked in and slowly pulled the small box of food coloring out. Nothing happened

“Honestly, Figgy,” said Pixie. “If something were going to happen, it would have. We are in the clear.”

Pixie popped the cap off of the milk. “Hmm. Smells funny. Tangy.” She started to pour the milk in just as Figgy noticed a white, powdery film all over the bottom of the dish. “Pixie, wait!”

Too late. A frothy mountain a foam bubbled quickly over the dish and dripped out all over the table, swiftly covering both elves and knocking them onto the floor. 

Got milk? 🙂
-Terry Jr.

Figgy sat, dripping with vinegar laced milk and pointing a shaking finger at a box of baking soda on the counter. “I told you so, Pixie!

Fun Holiday Rainbow Milk

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