Mischief Makers Day 9: The Ninth Lady

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Nim and Lil watched as Figgy downed his 34th shot of Grade A maple syrup. 

“Do you think he’ll be…ok?” asked Nim.

First they trapped us in a glass bowl
And they made a mess, they made a mess

Then they strung me from a craft cart
And they made a mess, they made a mess

Pixie shook her head and frowned. “I’m not sure he will be.”

Don’t forget the chocolate fountain
Made a mess, made a mess, What. A. Mess.
Birds and feathers in the bathtub
They made quite a mess, they made a mess.  

“Maaaaybe Figgy should stay here tonight,” said Lil. “I can come and help you with the dance floor set-up while Nim…keeps an eye on him.”

Pixie sighed gratefully. “Thank you, Lil. I don’t know if I can stand another night of his paranoia and jumpiness. You don’t mind, Nim?”

Nim shook his head. “Course not. I think what good ol’ Figgy needs is a night off. Have some fun. Elf to elf.”

“Ok, if you’re sure.”

“Of course he is, Pixie. Now let’s head out. I’m looking forward to stretching my mischief muscles again.”

Pixie nodded and they headed toward the Malloy house. Lil, bursting with excitement. Pixie, wondering what was in store for them. 

* * *

All was quiet and dark when Lil and Pixie touched down. 

“Careful, Lil. Their shenanigans aren’t always obvious…at first.”

Lil nodded and looked around. “It’s awfully dark in here. Let’s turn on the light.”


As soon as the switch was flipped, a strobe light started flashing and a disco ball started spinning. Dozens of musical ballerinas twirled on their stands. Their tinny songs clashing with each other and filling the house with everything from Greensleeves to Jingle Bells to the Nutcracker Suite. 

Lil put her hands over her ears and looked at Pixie in panic. “What do we do?”

“We have to shut them off!” yelled Pixie, but Lil could not hear her above the din of ballerinas.

As the closest ballerina slowed and came to a stop, a small note shot out across the floor. Lil and Pixie barely had time to read it when they heard the sound of stomping feet and angry voices coming down the hallway. 

Hope you like dance parties!


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