Mischief Makers Day 10: The Tenth Lord

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“At least it wasn’t messy,” said Figgy after Lil and Pixie had relayed the previous night’s events.

“Not messy?” asked Lil. “There were ballerinas everywhere! And it was SO noisy!”

“Did the parents wake up?” asked Nim.

“Oh yes,” said Pixie. “And boy did they give those kids a talking to!”

Lil nodded. “They threatened to write another letter to Santa.”

Another letter?” asked Figgy. “How many have they written?”

“Over the past 3 or so years? 11.” Santa stood in the doorway of the toy shop, his arms folded over his jiggly belly. “And we all know what a 12th letter would mean.”

Pixie and Figgy looked blankly at each other while Nim and Lil nodded.

“Er…what?” asked Figgy.

“12 letters is bad.” Nim took a deep breath. “Lil, could you get The Book.”

Lil lugged a large book to a table and flipped it open. “Here.” She pointed to a footnote.

Footnote 3.1 – In the event that 12 written complaints are received from a parent or guardian, all Mischief Maker privileges for the household will be revoked during the Revoking Ceremony. Permanently.*

“Oh,” said Figgy. 

“Wait, what’s that little star?” Pixie pointed to the asterisk. 

“Let’s see…” Lil ran her finger down the other footnotes until she got to the corresponding asterisk.

*Addendum to footnote 3.1 – If the assigned Mischief Making team can, in some way, make amends for the devastation and destruction and convince the grown-ups to retract the 12th letter before the Revoking Ceremony, all letters will be expunged from the record. 

“Ah, a loophole,” said Nim. 

“We’ll just have to make sure we don’t have to use it,” said Pixie.

Figgy looked doubtful. “I guess we’d better get going.”

As Figgy and Pixie flew through the stars, Glitter lagged behind, staring morosely into the lake.

“What’s the matter, Glitter?” Lil landed at the edge of Narwhal Lake. “Why didn’t you head back with the others?”

“I’m worried, Lil.”

“About Figgy and Pixie? Oh they’ll be ok, Glitter. Even if they do get booted from this assignment, Santa knows the extenuating circumstances and—.”

“That’s not it,” interrupted Glitter. 

Lil frowned. 

“I’m worried that I’m the spy.”

* * *

“Where did they get all this tape?” asked Pixie.

“When did they do all of this taping?” wondered Figgy.

“At least it’s not a big mess, or loud, or—.”





A large blue ball bowled the elves over and rolled down the hall. When it finally stopped spinning, both elves were tangled together in tape with a note stuck on it.

Time to play hopscotch!


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