Mischief Makers Day 12: The 12th Drummer

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Figgy paced outside the toy shop. “Do you mean to tell me that you are why the Malloys have been one step ahead of us this whole season? You’re the spy?”

Glitter bowed her head and softly sighed. “I’m not a spy, Figgy. I dropped the list when I was on the reconnaissance mission. The kids must have found it and made plans of their own.”

Laughter. Loud, maniacal laughter burst forth from Figgy. He clutched his stomach, rolled on the ground and laughed until tears streamed down his face. 

“I think you broke him, Glitter,” whispered Nim.

“Don’t you see?” gasped Figgy. “These kids don’t have magical powers and there is no spy at the North Pole! It’s wonderful!”

“Wonderful?” Pixie asked. 

Figgy frantically nodded, his hat askew. “Yes! I’m not crazy! There’s no spy! What we are dealing with here are mischievous pranksters who got lucky when they found our list. Now we know what to do!”

Pixie arched a brow. “We do?”

Figgy straightened his hat and dusted off the snow. “We switch it up. Time to brainstorm. We’re going “off list” for the rest of the season.”

* * *


“That’s one, eleven more to go,” Figgy whispered.

Are you sure this is a good idea, Figgy?”

A playful smile lit Figgy’s face. The stress of the past few weeks had fallen away. “Are you kidding? This is a great idea!”

The two elves quietly went from room to room, carefully placing small, wind-up drum sets as close to the beds as they could. 

We’ll have to get the toymakers extra sugar cubes for whipping these up so quickly,” said Pixie as they placed the last drum.

Figgy nodded. “Ok, time for the wake-up.”

Pixie and Figgy snuck back to the kitchen where they had left the remote to activate all the drum sets at the same time. 

“You’re positive? Once you flip that switch it’ll be too late to back down.”

Figgy looked around the pillow strewn living room, knowing that this was the last night the Malloy kids would get the better of him. 

“Just look at what the did, Pixie. They think they are sooo clever taking our plans and using them against us. This was supposed to be pillow fort night, not pillow fight night. I’m positive this is the right course to take.”

Pixie shook her head and placed the note they had written on the table. “Ok, Figgy. If you are determined, I’m with you.”

With a prankish smile, Figgy flipped the switch. The ting of twelve tiny drums filled the house.

Brrdum, dum. Dum. Dum. Dum dum dum dum dum da-dum.


You found our list, 
you rascally kids
You had us, yes you did.
But now we’re wise 
you’re not a threat
You ain’t seen nuthin yet!

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