Mischief Makers Day 14: Goofy Gamers

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“I feel hooorrrrible,” muttered Figgy as he and Pixie trudged through the living room. 

“Me too. I’m sure glad Nim and Lil didn’t tell Santa about our pillow fight.”

“And that Carol and Burt didn’t write a letter.”

“But they got really upset with the kids. I just feel so bad,” said Pixie. 

“Well, the kids did put us through the wrapper early on.”

Pixie looked quizzically at Figgy. “The wrapper?”

“Yeah, you know. Put us through the wrapper…gave us a hard time.”

Pixie laughed. 

“What?” asked Figgy. 

“It’s put us through the wringer, not wrapper.”

“Oh…I guess that makes more sense. Although the wrapper in the toy shop isn’t too pleasant either. Trust me.”

Pixie was about to ask what he meant when she tripped over a game controller and tumbled head over feet to the floor. 

“Are you ok, Pixie?!” 

Huffing, Pixie got to her feet and glared at the offending game controller. 

“The kids must have forgotten to put the controllers away when they were sent to their rooms tonight,” said Figgy.

“Well they won’t need them anytime soon. How long did Burt and Carol say they were grounded for?”

“Til Christmas Eve,” grumbled Figgy. “Gabby and Gertie were pretty upset. They love playing Ultimate Chicken Horse.”

“And I don’t get it. What’s so fun about a game where you create traps and chaos for each other to fall into.”

Figgy chuckled. “Isn’t that what we do, Pixie?”

“No, we…well, ours are more…” 

Figgy raised his brows.

“Ok, point taken.”

“Maybe we should play a round or two,” said Figgy.

“Play? We don’t even know how to play.” But Figgy was already headed to the TV to get it set up.  

They tried to play, but the controllers were too big and it was too hard to reach all the buttons. “This is not fun, Figgy.”

“Oh ninny muggins! It’s these controllers,” he said. “They’re just too big for us.”

Pixie’s eyes twinkled. “Then let’s make them smaller.”

“How?” asked Figgy.

“Are you an elf, or not, Figgy?! You were a toymaker, right?”

A big smile split Figgy’s face. “Of course! I’m a little rusty, but I bet I can whip something up.”

Figgy got to work. First, he took the big controller apart, ripping wires and motherboards out and re-assembling them into  smaller versions. While he was busy with that, Pixie rounded up a few pillows, some popcorn and a big bottle of maple syrup for snacking. 

“Done!” Figgy shouted. 

“Wow, Figgy! That looks great!” 

“Let’s just play a few games before setting up the waffle bar.”

A few games turned into 5. Then 10. Then 20. They were still playing when sunlight peeked through the curtains. 

“Figgy! The waffle bar!”

“Ok,ok, but can we just finish this level?


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