Mischief Makers Day 15: Slippery Slopes

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Figgy, Pixie, Nim and Lil sat around the tree. Nim and Figgy quietly seething and Lil and Pixie suppressing laughter.

Pixie was the first to break the silence. “Ok you guys. This is getting ridiculous.”

Nim and Figgy glared at her.

“Seriously?? You two are still mad?” asked Lil.

“First of all,” said Figgy. “We didn’t throw the first snowball.”

“And second,” added Nim. “We were outnumbered!”

Pixie and Lil glanced at each other blankly. Outnumbered?

“How do your figure that?” asked Lil, hiding a small smile.

“Yeah, it was only Lil and I…that’s two, against you and Figgy…that’s also two.”

“Well, you had a secret weapon, didn’t you? Someone waiting in the trees to gallop to your rescue!”

Lil and Pixie tried to keep a straight face. They had hoped the boys would not notice Glitter who waited in the woods outside Santa’s workshop for a signal to join in the snowball fight. The snowball fight that they started.

Lil laughed first. Pixie followed with a giggle. Soon, Figgy and Nim forgot their anger and joined in the merriment. They couldn’t stay angry with their partners for too long. All it took were chuckles and chortles to bring them around. 

When they had all caught their breath and settled down, Nim asked, “So…what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

“We-ell,” said Pixie. “Since Figgy and I didn’t really have anything planned for much beyond the middle of the month, Lil and I took the liberty of coming up with a fun…activity.”

“I don’t like the way you said ‘activity’, Pixie,” said Figgy. “It sounds like trouble.”

“Oh don’t be a spoilsport Figgy,” said Lil. “It’s just a little harmless fun. We thought we could set up a sledding hill in the living room.”

Nim looked around the room. “Maybe you haven’t noticed, Lil…there’s no snow in here.”

“True, but we can build hills with toilet paper rolls and use this to make them slippery.”

With a flourish, Pixie revealed a ‘make-your-own-slime’ kit.

Nim’s eyes bulged. “You have got to be kidding!  If we do this—”.

“We’ll have the best sledding hill EVER!” Figgy shouted.

While Nim looked on in disbelief and doubt, the other three elves poured and mixed and stirred until they had several colors of slime. 

“Come on Nim! Join in and help us construct the big hill,” coaxed Figgy. 

With some poking and prodding, the elves managed to convince Nim to help with the hill. Once they were all done, Pixie poured some of the slime down, coating the slope with slippery goo. 

Lil cupped her hands and called up to Pixie. “No more slime, Pixie!” 

“More? Ok!” Pixie poured another bowl down the hill.

“No! No more slime!” Nim yelled.

“OK! Here’s another bowl!” 


But Pixie had already started to pour. As the goopy goo streamed down, the cardboard slide buckled and slime went everywhere, coating the floor. Nim, Lil and Figgy raced to clean it up, but ended up slipping and sliding and sloshing in the sticky pool. 

“Too much?” asked Pixie.

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