Mischief Makers Day 19: Breakfast Bonanza

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“But, it’s Joe’s birthday! We have to at least try!”

Pixie, Figgy, Nim and Lil sat around the table in the Elfeteria eating a midnight snack of Sugary Frosted Syrup Bites and trying to figure out how to be in two places at once. 

“We could split up,” said Figgy. “Pixie and I could go to Joe and Jake’s and you two could go to the Malloy’s.”

Nim huffed. “And let you guys have all the fun setting up the pancake breakfast for Joe’s birthday? I don’t think so!”

Lil nodded in agreement. “They were our first assignment.”

Pixie scowled. “They were our first assignment too! And what’s more…I’M the Birthday Elf!”

“Listen here…”.

“Don’t you dare…”.

“If you say that again…”.

“Ho, Ho, HO!” The bickering elves did not hear Santa until he stood at the head of the table. He looked at each elf in turn. “There is a solution where all of you can go wish Joe a Happy Birthday.”

“There is?” they asked in unison.

“Yes. Drop by the Malloy’s and leave a note explaining your absence. Leave them a special craft or movie or treat. Then, you can all go to Joe and Jake’s for the traditional birthday breakfast.”

The elves were silent. 

“I guess that could work,” said Nim.

Lil rolled her eyes. “Now why didn’t we think of that!” 

* * *


“Ouch! Get OFF my feet Figgy!”

“Guys, be quiet!”

“Yeah, we’re going to wake them up and ruin the surprise!”

After a quick stop by the Malloy’s to drop off a note, a treat and The Christmas Story for the kids to watch, the Mischief Makers zipped to their old stomping grounds to set up the world’s best pancake breakfast. 

Lil pulled out a clipboard. “Ok gang! Pancake batter?”

“Check!” said Pixie.

“Maple syrup?”

“Check!” said Figgy.

“Chocolate syrup?”

“Check!” said Nim.

“Hot sauce and lemon pepper?”

“Er…are you sure about those, Figgy?” asked Nim. “They don’t really go with pancakes and sausage.”

Figgy squinted at Nim. “We all agreed to put Joe’s favorite things on the pancakes, didn’t we?”

“Yes, but—”.

“That means all his favorite things.”

“Oookay. I’m pretty sure we have everything then.” Pixie interrupted. 

“Alright! Places everyone!”

Each elf wrapped around the light fixture holding balloons and a birthday banner with big smiles on their faces. They’d made it in time to help Joe celebrate his 11th birthday.”

“I hope the Malloy’s aren’t too upset,” said Nim.

“Nah, we left them a movie and lots of snacks. I’m sure they’re fine. Right, Pixie?”

“Er, yeah.” But Pixie had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Somehow, she didn’t think they were fine with them missing a night. 

Not at all.

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