Branching Out

Goals push us forward and help us grow. This year, my goal for my voice acting adventure is to branch out beyond audiobooks.

I’ve been playing around with video game narration. E-Sports is a huge and growing industry and there are so many companies…small starters to big leaders…coming out with new games and in need of voice talent.

Looking for script samples was fun. had a nice variety, so I started with this adventure/fantasy script featuring a brave, strong and compassionate princess in a 17th Century silver mining kingdom.

I’ll continue to play around with voices and plan to sit with the boys as they play their favorite card collecting video games to get a feel for voices and characters. I’m sure they will be only too eager to help with this “market research”.

4 responses to “Branching Out

  1. Richard Malone

    Sounds great!

  2. Nice

  3. Virginia Malone


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