Pecky Greenleg: Epilogue

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After the events at the hatchery, things happened rather quickly.

Pecky agreed to fly back to H.E.N. headquarters for testing.

Dr. Warner and his team found that Pecky really was the key to curing the runaway virus.

Jake confessed the whole adventure to his mom who, after a dead faint and recovering from shock at what he had done, agreed they could keep Pecky once H.E.N. was finished with him.

But Dr. Warner and Pecky had other plans…

You’ll be able to come and visit me, Jake.

Jake looked from Pecky to Dr. Warner and shook his head. “It won’t be the same. You’ll be so far away.”

H.E.N. HQ is only a flight away.

“Actually,” Dr. Warner interrupted standing and walking around Gilbert’s desk. “You won’t be living HQ.”

“He won’t?”

I won’t?

“H.E.N. has decided to open a satellite office right here in farm country. McDougal Hatchery has agreed to work with us to further study selective breeding.”  

“Really?” asked Jake, excitement filling his voice.

“Really,” smiled Dr. Warner. “Gilbert persuaded them.”

Dr. Warner and his team relocated to the new office inside the hatchery with plans to build a new facility right next door. And Jake would be able to come and visit whenever he wished.

*      *      *

Jake crunched across the gravel, waving at Gilbert and Dr. Warner as he walked toward the red barn. Rounding the corner, he heard what sounded like kids chattering.

“That’s odd,” he murmured. Jake wondered when they had allowed other kids to come and visit the new facility.


Pecky paraded around the corner leading a string of chicks. Chicks with green legs.

Jake. I have so much to tell you…

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