MM22 Day 9: Hermey and the Hendersons

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“There you are Glitter!” shouted Figgy as he raced to catch up with the swift reindeer. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

Pixie sped in behind Figgy, panting. “Geez, where’s the fire, Glitter?!”

“Oh,” said Glitter. “Hello, Figgy, Pixie. Was there something you needed?”

“Well, we just wanted to say hi,” Figgy said, sounding hurt.

“We haven’t seen you around much lately,” added Pixie.

Glitter sighed. “Of course, I miss you too. It’s just been…busy.”

“Busy,” said Figgy. “With?”

Glitter cleared her throat. “Er, stuff and…things.”

“Ok, Glitter,” said Pixie, hands on hips. “Spill it.”

Figgy nodded in agreement.

“Look, it’s sort of a…secret project.”

Pixie tapped her toe.

Glitter went on. “Mrs. Claus is just not ready to say anything about the…project. Yet.”

Figgy scowled.

“I promise,” assured Glitter. “When I can say, you two, and Nim and Lil, will be the first to know.”

Not quite satisfied, but knowing further poking and prodding was futile, Pixie and Figgy nodded.

“Well,” said Glitter. “Gotta run!” She turned and raced toward Santa’s house for what they could only assume was a secret meeting with Mrs. Claus.

“That was weird,” said Pixie. “Why can’t she tell us about…whatever it is she’s doing with Mrs. C?”

“I don’t know,” said Figgy, his face scrunched in thought.

“Ok,” said Pixie with a determined look. “We can’t worry about this right now. We need to get to Hermey’s house and help him with his twins.”

Figgy, who had not yet read Hermey’s file asked, “Twins only, right? I’m still having flashbacks to last season with the Malloy family.”

Pixie smiled. “Yes, just twins. Competitive ones according to the file. Let’s see what we can do to help poor Hermey.”


“As you can see,” said Hermey, leading Pixie and Figgy into the living room. “Sally and Suzy have been at it again. This time, they were having a contest on who could pop the most balloons in one minute.”

“But where on earth did all this confetti come from?” asked Figgy.

“The balloons,” said Hermey. “They were filled with confetti.”

Figgy gaped.

“What other things do they like to do?” asked Pixie.

“Oh, anything that involves a race or a timed activity. They just want to beat each other.”

Something tickled the back of Pixie’s mind.

A race.

A game.

A competition.

“Post-it notes!” said Pixie. “Lots and lots of post-it notes. We’ll need two colors.”

Hermey and Figgy stared blankly at Pixie.

“Er,” said Figgy. “Not sure this is the time for office supplies, Pixie.”

“No, Figgy. Don’t you remember setting up the post-it note race for Joe and Jake?”

“Oh yeah! They each had their own color and they had to see who could collect them all first.”

“That sounds right up Sally and Suzy’s alley. Where would one find ‘post it’ notes.?”

After zooming around and attaching sticky notes on any and every available spot, the Figgy and Hermey collapsed on the kitchen table next to Pixie.

“Thank you both,” said Hermey. “I know they will really enjoy this game, and it gives me a small break from the chaos. I just don’t know what I’ll do the rest of the season.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” said Pixie as she handed a tightly rolled scroll to Hermey. “I’ve made you a list of highly competitive activities that are sure to tire them out. There are enough on there for the rest of the year!”

Hermey, overcome with gratitude, fainted.

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