MM2022 Day 14: Merry and the Martins

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Pixie and Figgy watched as Glitter went galloping across the North Pole, making a straight shot to Santa’s Workshop.

“Something must be wrong,” said Figgy and he and Pixie joined Nim and Lil swooping after Glitter.

When they entered the workshop, they knew immediately who was causing the alarm.

“Oh,” said Figgy, sounding annoyed. “It’s just Merry…again.”

Pixie sighed. “I wonder what it is this time.”

Lil shook her head. “She’s probably complaining about her kid again. You should have heard her the other night. ‘She finds me too fast, I don’t know what to do.’ Well, stop hiding in plain site for starters.”

Nim dropped his voice to a whisper. “Well, I heard from Tink, who got it from Shimmer, that on the first night, she refused to go at kick-off because she just realized that she was afraid of heights.”

“Erm, she’s a Mischief Maker, how can she possibly be afraid of heights? Flying is in our blood!”

They quieted down as Santa made his way toward them with Merry following close behind. A small smirk on her face.

“Figgy, Pixie, just the two I am looking for.”

Nim and Lil, sensing danger, started to slowly back away.

“Not so fast you two,” Santa chortled. “I’d like you all to be in on this project.”

“But, Sir,” began Figgy. “We have a very special assignment tonight and really should get back to planning.”

“Oh the Carlsons can wait. Between the five of us, I have my doubts that it actually is a B.R.A.T.T. house. Flip and Pip are such pranksters that my guess is they were laying a trap for you two anyway.”

“Of course, Santa,” said Pixie with a resigned expression. “How can we be of help?”

“Wonderful! I knew I could count on the four of you,” said Santa with a twinkle in his eye. “I’ll let Merry here explain what is going on. I need to get back to the electronics department. Apparently, our game testers are getting a little too competitive.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Santa left.

“So, Merry. What’s going on?” Figgy asked.

“Well, you know, Mischief Making takes so much energy. I’m just exhausted, like all the time. So, I thought you guys could, you know, take over for a night or two. Or, even the rest of the season, if it’s no trouble.”

Merry’s eyes sparkled with cunning.

“Merry,” said Lil impatiently. “You know very well that all of the Mischief Makers are expending maximum energy making this season memorable for their charges. Do you really think you deserve special treatment just because you’re a little tired??”

“And just because your father is the head of Elven Resources,” Pixie muttered.

Merry just smiled and gazed at them smugly.

“Ok, Merry,” said Figgy with a smile. “We’d be happy to help you out.”

Pixie, Lil, Nim and Merry looked at Figgy in shock.

“We will?” asked Nim.

“Of course,” continued Figgy. “We are always willing to lend a fellow Mischief Maker a hand. And, afterall, this is what BRATT is for, right Pixie?”

Pixie noticed Figgy’s eyebrows dancing and smiled. “Yes, Figgy. You are absolutely correct. We are here for all BRATTs.”

Nim and Lil grinned, finally catching on and wondering just what Figgy had in store for Merry.

* * *

“Ok, ok!” squealed Merry. “I don’t think I really need your help, you guys can just go!”

Lil and Pixie held Merry by the legs while attaching a bungee cord to her waist at stair railing in the Martin’s entryway. They had long since abandoned any pretense that they were actually there to help Merry.

“Come on, Merry!” Figgy called from his bouncing bungee. “The air is fine down here and it’s—BOOOIIING—FUN!!!

“Woo-hoo!” Nim swung by Figgy, giving him a high five.

“But,” stammered Merry. “I’m afraid of heights!”

“No you’re not,” said Lil. “We all know that is just something you made up to get out of Mischief Making.”

“Yeah,” added Pixie. “Now get down there and have some fun!”

Pixie and Lil took great pleasure in pushing Merry off the ledge and felt only a small tingle of guilt.

“You know,” said Lil as Merry screamed on the way down. “We don’t really know if she was lying about the heights fear.”

“Meh,” said Pixie. “Either this cures her fear, or her laziness. It’s all the same in my book.”

Lil laughed and whole-heartedly agreed.

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