MM2022 Day 19: Birthday Bonanza

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Figgy, Pixie, Nim and Lil huddled together on the North Pole Tarmac.

“Come on, Nim! You must have discovered something about what is going on with Glitter.”

“I’ve told you, Figgy, Glitter is keeping…whatever it is…under wraps. She won’t budge and just keeps saying that she’ll tell us what’s going on when she has “permission” from Mrs. C.”

Pixie and Lil sighed in frustration. Glitter had become more and more cagey about her activities with Mrs. Claus and they were starting to worry that it may be something that would affect the entire Mischief Maker and B.R.A.T.T. programs.

“Shhh!” Pixie hissed. “Here she comes!”

“Maybe we can get something out of her tonight at Joe and Jake’s,” whispered Lil.

“Oh, hello Glitter!” Figgy said brightly. “Fine evening, isn’t it?”

Glitter looked sideways at Figgy and shook her head. “Look, I’ve told you all a million times. I cannot reveal anything about this special chi—er, project. Please, please stop badgering me about it.”

“Aha!” said Pixie. “So it has something to do with…chili?”

“Or, chicken?” said Nim.

“Ooo, I know!” shouted Figgy. “Chinchillas!”

Everyone, including Glitter, stared at Figgy.

“Chinchillas, Figgy?” asked Lil. “Really?”

Anyway,” said Glitter before an argument started. “We’d better get going. I can only help set up the birthday surprise for a little while before I have to get back to continue planning for…well, nevermind. Let’s just get going.

With exasperated and frustrated mumblings, the elves and Glitter took off into the night sky and headed for Joe and Jake’s house to set up the annual birthday surprise.


“Do you think they’ve outgrown candy and cake and all the sugar for breakfast?” asked Lil as she perused the contents of the cabinet and fridge. “Everything in here seems…really healthy.”

“Nah,” said Nim. “It’s Christmas time. I bet there is cookie dough and ice cream in the freezer and I’m sure the boys have candy hidden in their rooms; some things never change.”

“Woo-hoo!” exclaimed Pixie. “I found the secret stash!”

She hovered above a drawer filled to the brim with candy, cookies, chocolate and all manner of treats they’d expected to find.

“Wow,” said Figgy. “It seems like maybe they have enough sugar. Maybe we should do something different this year.”

Nim gaped at Figgy.

Lil’s gasped.

Pixie goggled.

Glitter, on the other hand, praised him. “I completely agree Figgy. There is far to much sugar in—.”

“GOTCHA!” shouted Figgy. “As if there is ever too much sugar at Christmas!”

“Figgy, you know that the metabolism of an elf is very different from that of a human child. As such…oh nevermind…”. Glitter trailed off as the elves were overtaken by a fit of raucous laughter.

“Oh Glitter,” said Lil. “We hear you. That is exactly why we decided to go the route of a yogurt parfait bar instead of pancakes this year.”

Glitter smiled and nodded. “I think that is a wonderful idea. Fresh fruits, yogurt and granola are a much healthier alternative.”

“Yes,” said Pixie. “We’ll have those things…but we’ll also have all of this!”

With a flourish, Pixie produced a line of sweet, sugary add-ins for the yogurt parfait bar. There were strawberries, blueberries, bananas and granola. But, chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, mini marshmallows and all kinds of mini candies danced out behind these healthier options.

“I guess that’s a start,” Glitter said in a resigned tone.

“And don’t worry, we’re leaving a few fun minute-to-win-it games too. Exercise, after all, is important,” winked Nim.

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