MM22 Day 21: Kringle and the Kipps

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“It’s called ‘hide and seek’ for a reason,” grumbled Kringle. “I can’t help it if they don’t at least try to look for me!”

“Kringle,” said Figgy. “You weren’t even on the property. You were hiding in the mailbox across the street.”

“And the other day you were hiding in a coffee shop down the street. Did you really think the boys would find you in either of those places???” Pixie was losing patience. They had been discussing Kringle’s unorthodox hiding plans for the season for over an hour. And getting nowhere.

Kringle puffed up, looking ready to fight, but then, Figgy put the icing on the cake.

“Of course, we could just send a note to the Candy Cane Review Board. You know, let them know that you can’t come to the tasting this year because you have to re-take Mischief Maker classes.”

Slowly deflating, Kringle eyed the two nervously. He couldn’t be kicked off the Candy Cane Review Board. New flavors came out every year the day after Christmas and Kringle had been tasting for years.

“I heard this year’s new flavors are Buttercream Dream and Chocolate Swirl,” said Figgy.

“Fine. I will hide in places that the boys will be able to easily find me. Won’t be any fun, but I’ll do it.”

“Kringle,” said Pixie. “There are plenty of ways to make each night fun. Especially since you have two excited and enthusiastic boys looking for you.”

“Yeah, do you know how disappointed they are that they can’t find you?” said Figgy.

“Really?” said Kringle. “I had no idea.”

“Probably because you are never there!” said Pixie. “Now come on. You have some making up to do.”

Figgy and Pixie let Kringle lead the way in the flight to the Kipps’ home. The fresh night air and starry sky did much to cool Pixie’s annoyance at Kringle. By the time they reached the living room, she was back to her old self and full of ideas.

“Tomorrow, you could hide here.” Pixie pointed to the Christmas tree.

“The next night you can do something mischievous like…oh, I know,” Figgy had found a sewing machine in the corner of the room. “You can make it look like you needed to sew up your clothes, but then got tangled in the thread!”

Kringle, despite his frown, let out a small giggle, quickly disguising it as an unbelievable cough.

“But tonight, you are going to do something really special. A scavenger hunt,” said Pixie.

Kringle’s eyes lit up. Now this was something he could get behind.

Pixie and Figgy pulled supplies out and started placing the clues around the house while Kringle followed them around asking questions. By the time they were done, Kringle was smiling. Genuinely smiling.

“This is going to be a blast!” Kringle exclaimed.

“I’m glad you think so,” said Pixie, handing Kringle a list of suggestions for the last few days of the year. “You’d better make the rest of the season as fun as you can. These boys have been so good and deserve a good elf.”

Kringle nodded firmly and climbed into his hiding place. Once settled, Pixie and Figgy waved goodbye and flew out the window.

“Are you sure that spot was a good idea, Pixie?” asked Figgy.

“Oh I’m certain. Being stuck in a balloon all day is hilarious and, the least he can do to make up for his behavior this season.”

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