MM2022 Day 22: Sparkle and the Sampsons

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“Just two more houses to go!” exclaimed Figgy as he landed with a thump on the kitchen counter at the Sampsons.

“Wow, it’s gone by so fast,” said Pixie.

“I know,” said Figgy slowly, hesitantly. “Meeting so many different kids, helping all these Mischief Makers has been…”.





“Fun because we’ve helped so many Mischief Makers and kids enjoy the season more, but a little lonely because we haven’t really connected with any one family?”

“Yeah, something like that,” agreed Figgy.

Lil nodded. “Yes, I miss our old job a little too. Both are fun, but there is something special about making mischief in one house for the whole season.”

Figgy smiled and nodded, happy to have a partner who understood the joy of Mischief Making.

“Ok,” said Pixie. “We have the Sampsons tonight and tomorrow the Talbots.”

“Yep,” said Figgy. “Sparkle couldn’t meet us tonight, she had an emergency appointment with Santa about something that happened a few nights ago with cotton balls, sand and the Sampson’s television.”


“I know, but I have her notes here. Samantha Sampson will not eat her breakfast and she refuses lunch and dinner. All she wants to eat are oranges and grapes.”

“Ick,” said Pixie.

“I know,” agreed Figgy. “If she’s going to eat only one thing, it should be something good. Like marshmallows dipped in syrup.”

“Or marshmallows dipped in syrup then dipped in crushed up candy canes.”

“Yum! Or, marshmallows dipped in syrup, dipped in crushed up candy canes, then dipped in dark chocolate candy coating.”

Pixie and Figgy stared blissfully at the microwave, imagining all the melted chocolate and marshmallows.

“What if,” Pixie began slowly. “What if we made Samantha our favorite breakfast?”

Figgy’s face brightened. “Yeah, maybe she just hasn’t found the right breakfast combination yet. We could totally help her with that.”

Pixie beamed and headed for the pantry while Figgy raided the fridge. “Let’s see what we have to work with.”

A few minutes later, they had pulled out all of the ingredients they thought they needed.

“Spaghetti noodles?” asked Pixie.




“Powdered sugar? Candy canes? Sprinkles and chocolate sauce?”

“Check, check, check and check!” said Figgy.

Pixie scratched her head, surveying all the ingredients. “Something is missing.”

“You are right, this doesn’t look like a very balanced breakfast,” agreed Figgy.

“Oh!” shouted Pixie. “Maple syrup!”

Figgy nodded. Maple syrup, one of the key food groups, was a must.

“Ok, Pixie,” said Figgy. “I think we are all set. Samantha will not be able to resist this delicious breakfast.”

They left a note, forging Sparkle’s signature, and then headed out into the stars.

When they arrived back at the North Pole, satisfied with their work for the night, Glitter was waiting for them on the tarmac.

“Hey Glitter, what’s up?” asked Pixie.

Glitter looked at them gravely. “It’s time for you to find out what Mrs. C. and I have been up to this season. Come with me.”

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