MM2022 Day 25: Breaking News

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North Pole Gazette
Reported by Sparkly Sprinkles

Exclusive Interview with the Big Guy!

This reporter has just finished interviewing Santa Claus himself about a terrible oversight in the Mischief Maker Program and what will be done to remedy the situation.

“Mrs. Claus recently discovered that there is only one elf assigned to most of the Children’s Hospitals. And that there are some who are not on the Mischief Maker Call List at all. As such, we will be sending the best and brightest strike teams to make amends.”

And who is this “Special Strike Team”? None other than Nim, Lil, Pixie, Figgy, and Glitter the Reindeer! What will they do? How will they remedy this terrible neglect? Whatever it is, this reporter will be on the case…every step of the way!

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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