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Pecky Greenleg: Chapter 5

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Jake wasn’t sure what to do next. The lead the postmaster gave them, while interesting, seemed like a big, fat dead end.

He’d already talked to Gilbert at the hatchery and had gotten nowhere.

You have to go back.

Jake shook his head, glaring at Pecky.

“Go back? How? Even if I could convince Mom we needed more chicks, there’s nothing more Gilbert will tell me.”

Pecky strutted back and forth in the pen, frustration simmering around him.

Use me.


Jake looked at Pecky doubtfully.

No, really. Use me. Tell your mom that I’m not well. I’ll even act sick. 

“I don’t know…Mom already suspects something and I don’t like keeping things from her…”

Then tell her.

Jake snorted and looked at the determined glint in Pecky’s eyes.

“Tell her that the chicken I named Pecky Greenleg is actually a rooster who can talk? Tell her that I’ve already talked to Gilbert at the hatchery and the postmaster? Tell her–“

Ok, ok! I get it. But we have to come up with something. I don’t belong here. 

Jake looked down at Pecky and felt a twinge of sadness for him. How awful would it be not to know where you came from?

“Ok. I’ll figure out a way for us to get back to the hatchery.”


The Adventures of the Teleporting Glasses

Inspiration hit a few weeks ago. Here is a new story…tell me what you think…

Jake shuffled into the kitchen. (Art note: Holding a book about space.)




“Pancakes today!” Mom said. 

Jake grunted.

“Why so glum?”

“I think my glasses teleport after I fall asleep.” 

“Hmm. Why do you think that?”

“Well, I fall asleep and they are still on my face, but when I wake up they are gone. Aaaand, they are always in a different spot.”

Mom smiled. “Maybe they are going on adventures.”

Maybe I should stop wearing them so they can go on adventures all the time?” Jake said hopefully.

“You need those glasses, buddy.”


“You need them to read, see the world and go on adventures of your own.”

Jake paused and looked down at his book. 

 “I think they went to outer space last night.”

And Jake told his mom a story…

Glasses peeked at Jake. He was sound asleep. They shimmered and shook. 


Glasses zipped through galaxies and shining stars. 

They zoomed around the big dipper. 

They zapped meteors to earth. 

Glasses felt like they were swimming through the sparkling sea!

“Sounds like Glasses went on quite the adventure,” his mom said.

Jake smiled and glug, glug, glugged syrup all over his stack of pancakes. “I wonder where they will go tonight.” 

The next morning, Jake raced downstairs. (Art note: Holds a book about the ocean.)

“Mom! Glasses went to the ocean last night!”


Glasses splashed into the deep, deep sea. 

They swam with sharks and whales and seahorses. 

They slid past coral and schools of sparkly fish.

They streamed through the cool, crystal water. 

Glasses felt like they were flying!  

“What do you think Glasses will do tonight?” asks Jake’s mom.

Jake smiled and crunch, crunch, crunched his cereal. “I think…they will fly through the clouds!”

That night, Jake’s mom tip-toed into the room and found Jake fast asleep. (Art note: Holds a book about planes.)

Gently, she took Glasses off and put them on the table next to his bed. 

As she left, Jake cracked one eye open and grinned.

(Art note: Glasses glimmer/wink.)

Mischief Makers Day 25: Breaking News!

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Pixie and Figgy Assigned New House!

North Pole Gazette
December 25, 2020
by Sparkly Sprinkles

In an astonishing turn of events, Pixie Powder and Figgy Frost’s assigned children both discovered the truth about the elves. Joe, who found out last season, tried to stop Jake from running to the living room, but Jake was too quick. Powder and Frost, along with Nim Noel and Lil’ Lil were discovered putting the final touches on the tiny Christmas tree they were leaving as a surprise for the boys. 

“I just can’t believe it,” Frost said. “We were so close to the end.”

Powder agreed, although it was difficult to understand through all the blubbering. 

Nim and Lil were unavailable for questioning as they were in Santa’s office discussing what to do next season. Mr. Grimly, head of the Department of Festive Fun and Frivolity, was also attendance.

Where does this leave Powder and Frost? What will happen to them next season? This reporter can’t wait to find out.

Mischief Makers Day 24: Farewell…For Now

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This year, we were a little scared,
Not sure we would succeed.
A little rocky start but then,
So much fun indeed!

Joe and Jake, we are so glad
We were assigned this house
Remember, keep our secret please
Be quiet as a mouse!

Next year it will be bittersweet,
We sure will miss our fun!
But we’ll visit every chance we get,
And tell you what we’ve done!

So plan some fun, make it good,
we’ll all review your list.
Keep all the magic in your house
and know that you’ll be missed!

Mischief Makers Day 23: The Last Act

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The elves just had one more night before it was time to leave for the season. One more night of fun and mischief. One more night working with Joe until…maybe forever.

“Oh come now, if we are quiet, there is no way Jake will find out,” said Figgy.

“Besides, Joe said he would suggest a slumber party so he could keep an eye on Jake. Warn us if he woke up,” said Nim.

Pixie and Lil were nervous. They were so close to escaping discovery. So close!

“Good news!” said Nim, flying through the door. “The ornaments arrived in the nick of time.”

The colorful strands, twinkling lights and tinkling bells distracted the group and they all but forgot about the possibility of Jake finding out they were real. It was their last night of mischief and they wanted to do something really special. 

“Where are the trees?” asked Glitter. 

“Joe put them on top of the cabinets,” said Figgy. “I’ll go grab them.”

Figgy zipped to the top of the cabinets and scooped up one tree, twirled and reached for the other, but the tree he’d just snatched threw him off balance and fell hard in the sink, knocking dirty dishes everywhere.


The Mischief Making team froze and held their breath. All was quiet for 1, 2, 3 seconds and then…

Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Jake, wait!”


“I knew it!”

Joe came skidding into the living room after Jake and looked in horror at the elves. “Er…this is all a dream, all a dream, Jake.”

“Nice try, Joe, but I’ve been wide away for hours just waiting to catch them!”

Pixie burst into tears. Figgy fell to his knees and Nim and Lil sighed in resignation. 

Nim patted Figgy on the shoulder. “It was only a matter of time, we new that this was coming.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Joe. “So he knows, now we can all play. Set up tricks for Mom and Dad, plan—.” 

Joe stopped when he saw the grave looks on the team’s faces. Suddenly, he knew that his time with the elves was coming to an end. “So what happens now?”

“I’m afraid we will have to…erase your memories of us,” said Lil. 

“WHAT?!” Joe and Jake both stared incredulously at the elves. 

“Erase our memories of Christmas?” Jake gasped.

“No, no,” hurried Nim. “Just your memories of…us.”

Joe’s eyes filled with tears. 


Everyone looked at Jake. 

“I’ll just pretend I don’t know. Then you can come back next year and I can help too.”

Pixie and Figgy smiled, looking hopefully at Nim, Lil and Glitter. “Could we do that?”

“Well…,” began Lil.

“I’m afraid not,” said Glitter. “For many reasons, but mostly because it wouldn’t be fair to all the new children who don’t have Mischief Makers yet.”

This was news to Pixie and Figgy. “Aren’t there more recruits?”

“That’s what Santa wanted to talk to us about the other day,” said Nim. “There are fewer and fewer elves signing up for the Mischief Maker program so we need all the elves we can get.” 

“But…,” began Figgy. “What about Joe and Jake?”

The team looked at each other sadly, not knowing what to say. 

“Then you have to go where you are needed,” said Jake with a small smile.

“Yes,” added Joe. “We would feel horrible if other kids didn’t get to experience the fun we did.”

Nim and Lil smiled proudly at Joe and Jake. They had grown so much since their first year. In stature and in character both.  

“There’s just one thing,” said Jake, smiling at Joe. “Please don’t erase our memories. We had the best time with you…even if you did make a lot of messes.”

Each elf’s smile brightened the room and they turned to Glitter. 

Glitter’s heart filled to bursting as the Christmas magic swelled. “I think I can convince Santa…just one more time.”

Mischief Makers Day 22: Toilet Snow

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“Santa said what??” Figgy added another dollop of cream and a few more spoonfuls of sugar to his peppermint hot cocoa as he listened to Nim and Lil.

“Santa is concerned with how many “close calls” you’ve had with Jake. He feels that we should all be prepared for the…inevitable,” said Nim. 

“The inevitable?” asked Pixie. “What does that mean?”

Lil smiled sadly at Pixie, forgetting that she was still learning all the rules and codes from The Book. “Here, let me show you.”

Lil pulled out her battered copy of The Book and flipped through the pages. “Ah, here it is.” 

Chapter 8, Section VI, Footnote 2.1

Once a child stops believing or discovers an elf in the act of mischief making, all elf shenanigans must be erased from said child’s memory. Warm memories of Christmas should be left intact so the magic continues on to the next generation.

“But,” sniffed Pixie. “J-Joe found out and we didn’t have to erase his memory!”

Glitter sighed. “That is because I reminded Santa of…something. Something he’d forgotten and didn’t want anyone to know.”

“You mean you blackmailed the big guy,” snickered Nim. 

Glitter huffed, glaring hard at Nim. “Anyway, that won’t work again. Joe knowing was one thing, but now other Mischief Makers are finding out about the arrangement and want Santa to let them do the same. It’s too much of a risk.”

“So…,” began Figgy.

“So…,” said Lil. “Once Jake finds out, we’ll have to follow The Book.”

* * *  

“Ok team,” said Nim. “We only have a few more nights left until…until we have to say goodbye for-forever.”

Possibly, maybe Jake won’t find out this year,” said Figgy. 

“Right.” Nim nodded his head, knowing that it was a big maybe. “So team, what are we going to–hey, where did Lil and Pixie go?”

Glitter pointed her antlers toward the bathroom. “In there, but I’d be careful if I were you.”

“Why?” asked Figgy.

“They had scissors and they were singing.”

What were they singing?” asked Nim.

Oh the TP in here’s delightful,
But the lack of snow is frightful,
Since we all soon will go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

“Oh my,” said Nim.

“Well that escalated quickly,” said Figgy. 

The bathroom was filled with snowflakes. 

Snowflakes made of toilet paper.

Mischief Makers Day 21: Reindeer Games

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Pixie, Figgy and Glitter sat on the table throwing foam snowballs for Barrel. 

“Too bad Nim and Lil had to stay behind,” said Pixie. 

“Santa needed them for a training exercise,” said Glitter. “They’ve been neglecting their responsibilities so Santa insisted they stay behind.”

“I know,” said Figgy. “But it’s still too bad. We had planned to have an igloo building contest.”

“Why don’t you and Pixie compete?” asked Glitter.

“It won’t be the same,” sighed Pixie. “It was going to be Team Pixie and Figgy against Team Nim and Lil.”

“Yeah, the Newbies vs the Oldies.”

“Excuse me? Nim and Lil aren’t that old. Why, Nim is only 134 and Lil is a few years older.” 

“Uh, Lil is younger, Glitter.”

“She is?”

“Yes, by 3 whole months,” said Pixie.


“I suppose we could decorate those mini trees,” said Figgy pointing to the tops of the cabinets.

“Nah, we don’t have any of the ornaments yet and we are still waiting for the star.”

“Then what should we do?”

Glitter cleared her throat. “We can still have the competition, you know.”

Figgy and Pixie looked doubtfully at Glitter.

“There is another creature here to challenge.”

The duo cocked their eyebrows simultaneously.

Glitter snorted. “Me! You could challenge me and…Barrel.” 


“See, he is up to the challenge.”

Figgy and Pixie smiled slyly at each other. This was going to be a piece of cake. 

* * *

Figgy and Pixie were putting the final touches on their snow fort when Glitter galloped up the stairs with Barrel on her heels. 

“Where on earth have you been, Glitter? Joe and Jake don’t have that many white Lego blocks.”

“Oh I didn’t build them out of blocks.”

“You didn’t?”


“Wait…did you just say them. As in, more than one?”

Glitter just smiled. 

Figgy and Pixie glanced nervously at each other. More than one? 

Glitter turned and cantered back down the stairs. Figgy and Pixie floated down after her, curious about what they would find. When they reached the bottom, their mouths dropped. 

“Glitter? How–when–?” Figgy shook his head in amazement.

“Those are so cool!” said Pixie. “How did you make them?”

Glitter just smiled. “Oh, I have my ways.”


Mischief Makers Day 20: Crazy Crash

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The team sat in the Elfeteria at the North Pole, knocking back Mrs. Claus’ famous Peppermint-spiked Cocoa. 

“That was too close,” said Figgy. 

“Yes,” added Pixie. “Good thing Joe was able to convince him it was all a dream again.”

“We have to be very careful over the next few nights,” said Nim. “I don’t think the ‘it was all a dream’ excuse will work again…if it worked at all this time.”

The door creaked open and the team turned to find Santa standing in the doorway looking worried. 

“What is it, Sir? Did something happen?” Lil asked, jumping to her feet. 

Santa cleared his throat. “I’m afraid we have…a potential problem with Jake.” 

Santa pulled a letter from his coat and handed it to Lil. 

Dear Santa,

I hope this letter isn’t too late. I’ve changed my mind about what I want for Christmas. You see, last night I saw Nim, Lil, Figgy and Pixie dancing around the kitchen! What I would really like for Christmas is them to stay and play all year. Just think of all the fun we could have together!



Pixie and Figgy were speechless. 

Nim and Lil were shocked. 

Glitter let out a mournful bray. 

“I was afraid this would happen,” said Santa. 

“What happens now, Santa?” asked Pixie. 

“I’m afraid this may be the last season for Joe and Jake.”

“But, what will happen to us?” asked Figgy. 

Santa shook his head sadly. He never could get used to this moment with his Mischief Makers. It was a natural and bittersweet part of the career, but that didn’t make it any easier. “When a child discovers the truth, some of the magic disappears. When that happens, the Mischief Makers get…reassigned. I’m sorry.”

As Santa left the room, Figgy and Pixie cried out, hugging each other and sobbing. Nim and Lil, who had known this and seen it countless times in their short jobs as Chief Mischief Makers, looked at them sympathetically, but they too were heartbroken. 

To everyone’s surprise, Glitter took the news the hardest. 

* * *

The team didn’t have much energy for the night’s mischief. When they got back to the house, Joe was already setting up the tower of cups for the remote control car crash they had agreed to. When he greeted the elves, he sensed that something was wrong but, wisely, knew not to ask…yet. 

“Er, who wants to test it out?” asked Joe as he set the final cup on top of the tower.

Nim, Lil, Pixie and Figgy looked at each other, then up at Joe. Worry filled his voice and lines of concern crinkled his eyes. 

Nim suddenly straightened. “That’s it team. Enough wallowing.”

Lil followed suit. “Yes, we have until December 24th so let’s not waste time feeling sorry for ourselves.”

Pixie and Figgy, knowing they were right, pulled themselves together, smiled and some of their old spark came back, filling the room with light and warmth. The lines disappeared from Joe’s forehead and he grinned. 

“C’mon Lil,” said Pixie. “I’ll race ya!”

Mischief Makers Day 19: Birthday Pancakes

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“Double digits!” said Pixie, excitedly bouncing around the kitchen.

“The big 1-0!” said Figgy, spinning around the tree. 

Joe’s birthday was their 2nd favorite day of the season. Only the Season Starter topped it. 

“Where could Nim and Lil be?” asked Pixie, finally settling to the counter. 

Figgy scratched his head as he floated to join her. “I don’t know. They were just as excited as we are to celebrate Joe’s birthday.”

Glitter came galloping in through the window, huffing and puffing. “Out of the way! They’re coming in hot!”

Startled, Pixie and Figgy barely had time to dive for cover when Nim and Lil torpedoed onto the counter with birthday flare following them. Streamers, banners, balloons and was that…a pinata?

“Sorry we’re late,” puffed Lil. “We had quite a load of loot.”

Nim looked around the room. “Where’s Joe?”

“We told him we had tonight under control,” said Figgy.

“And he didn’t argue?” asked Lil.

“Oh no,” smiled Pixie. “I think he knew we were working on his birthday surprise so he just scurried off to bed, no question.”

Nim and Lil smiled, not surprised. Every year for Joe’s birthday, the elves added an extra layer of fun. 

“Alright team,” said Glitter. “Let’s get cooking!”

The elves whirred around the kitchen. Pixie made puffy pancakes while Figgy filled bowls with toppings. Nim knocked his hat off decorating the table and Lil layered banners and tinsel in the lights. 

Glitter supervised, making sure the elves didn’t go too overboard with the mess and noise and Barrel kept watch in the hallway outside the boys’ rooms.

When all the pancakes were made and all the decorating complete, the tired team collapsed on the counter and surveyed their work. 

“Joe is going to absolutely love this!” said Nim. 

Lil nodded. “I think we’ve outdone even the chocolate lake and caramel river birthday.”

Pixie tilted her head. “Something is missing.”

Figgy frowned. “Yes, something is missing.”

Nim and Lil looked around wondering what could possibly be missing when every surface was covered in birthday flare and pancake mix. 

Glitter cantered up to the group. “I’m ready to hang the pinata. Where is the candy?”

The elves paled.

“How could we have forgotten the candy!” Pixie cried. 

Figgy hung his head. “So much for the best birthday bash ever.”

“Uh, guys?” Lil said, trying to hide a smile. “Do you really think he will notice that there isn’t any candy?” 

“I mean, just look around.” Nim flew around the kitchen and dining room. 

“You’re right, Nim,” sighed Pixie. “We just wanted it to be perfec–.”

“Wha-what’s going on?” 

As one, the team turned toward the tiny, tired voice. Barrel sat, still and stuffed in front of…Jake.

Mischief Makers Day 18: The Slope

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Glitter paced in front of the stables, waiting for her informant to show up. 

“Psst! Ma’am?” A tiny reindeer peeked out from behind a post. 

“There you are,” said Glitter. “What news?”

“You were right, ma’am. The Beagle and Bunny are trying to recruit the others.”


“So far, they’ve got the Tooth Fairy and Queen of Hearts on their side, but the Leprechauns are holding out.”

Glitter nodded. “Good work, Junior.”

Junior saluted and pranced back inside the stables, leaving Glitter to her thoughts. So. The Beagle and the Bunny were recruiting. “We’ll just see about that..” she murmured.

* * *

Oh sledding hill, oh sledding hill
so beautiful and snowy
Oh sledding hill, oh sledding hill
Into the sink we’ll go-y
We’ll build a sled, of Christmas treats
And race each other through the streets
Oh sledding hill, oh sledding hill
Into the sink we’ll go-y

As Pixie and Figgy sang the last few notes of their song, Nim and Lil skidded to a halt on the kitchen counter spraying snow everywhere.

Pixie looked up, startled. “Nim, Lil? I thought you were finalizing the plans for the Christmas Eve Eve Pep Rally?”

Nim shook his head, panting. “We have some news.”

“About the DFFF’s investigation. There have been…a few developments.” Lil straightened up. She was smiling.

Nim and Lil told them about Glitter’s network of spies. Tiny reindeer who could disguise themselves as a number of woodland creatures…including bunnies.

Figgy scratched his head. “A bunny? Really?”

“Yes,” Lil said. “Once disguised, they infiltrated the Easter Bunny’s lair and–”.

“But, don’t they have antlers? Like Glitter?” asked Figgy.

“And do they learn to hop like a bunny?” asked Pixie.

Nim frowned. “They are specially trained forces who–.”

“Maybe they wear costumes,” pondered Figgy

“They would have to be really good costumes to fool the Easter Bunny and Birthday Beagle,” said Pixie.

“And they must have a whole team of make-up artists ready to transform them at any time,” added Figgy. 

“And another team to make them spy gadgets and gizmos!”


“THE POINT IS,” Lil interrupted. “We have some good news.”  

Pixie and Figgy looked eagerly at Nim and Lil. 

“The Easter Bunny and Birthday Beagle have been recruiting others in an attempt to reduce the Magic of Christmas,” said Nim.

“They’d already recruited the Queen of Hearts and a few other minor holiday mascots, but then, they got a little too ambitious.” Lil paused for dramatic affect. “They tried to recruit….the leprechauns.” 

Pixie and Figgy gasped. Every creature in the North Pole knew that the leprechauns were not to be trusted. They were too tricky and, truth be told, volatile to work with. 

“I guess the Beagle and Bunny got desperate after the audit didn’t turn up anything. It was a last-ditch effort to overthrow Santa…and it failed spectacularly.”

After a moment of stunned silence, applause, cheers and happy shouts filled the kitchen. 

Figgy and Pixie threw sleds at Nim and Lil and dragged them up the slopes. They spent most of the night and into the wee hours sledding, singing and celebrating. 

Christmas was saved.