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Mischief Makers Day 8: Silly Selfies


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Day 8 Silly Selfies 

Sunday, December 8
4 AM

Figgy and Pixie stared at each other from across the basement stairs. 

Figgy could almost see smoke coming from Pixie’s ears. 

Pixie saw the angry fire in Figgy’s eyes.


“I told you it was too heavy and too far!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Well it would have worked if you’d just held on for a few more seconds!” Figgy growled. 

“NO it wouldn–.”

“YES it woul–.”

“ENOUGH!” Glitter brayed. She narrowed her eyes at them both until they huffed and turned their backs to each other. “Now. How do we fix it before the whole house gets up?”

Pixie mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like “Frolicking featherbrained Figgy.” Glitter chose to ignore the comment.

The plan had been simple. Genius even. And it had all been going so well until…

Three hours earlier

We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
Some here and some there!

Let’s take one with Jake
Let’s get one with Joe
Let’s get some with the parents
Some here and some there!

So…bring me a little Figgy
And get me a little Pixie
Yes, throw in a little Glitter
Hey Barrel come here!

“Did you get one with the Christmas tree?” asked Pixie.

“Yep, and one with the ca-a-ATS-too!” sneezed Figgy.

“Figgy, why would you do that. You are allergic!” Glitter rolled her eyes and snorted while Pixie brushed cat hair off of Figgy’s hat. 

Figgy smiled. Then sneezed. 


“Okay,” said Pixie. “Now for the grand finale.” She picked up a giant bag of red and green M&M’s and floated toward the garage door.

“I still think we should leave them clues to find us in the basement,” said Figgy.

Pixie shook her head, jingling her hat. “I told you, the bag is way too heavy and that is way too far to fly.”

“We can do it Pixie! We’ll just go fast.” Figgy turned to Glitter, “Can you leave them a few clues so they can find us?”

Glitter went to the cell phone they’d been using to take pictures and clicked one of Figgy and Pixie holding the bag of candy at the top of the stairs. “That should do it.”

Figgy took the phone from Glitter. ““Ok Pixie, just hold on tight!”

They were half-way down the stairs when it happened. 

“Figgy, I can’t hold it!”

“We’re almost ther—Aaaah-aah—-AAAH-CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!








“Jumping Jinglebells! What happened???” Glitter yelled.

“Ouch.” Figgy rubbed his head.

“Ooh.” Pixie stretched her neck.

A door opened, followed by the sound of running feet. “Mom! MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!


Mischief Makers Day 7: Toilet Paper Teasers



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Day 7 Toilet Paper Teasers

“Truce?” Figgy held out a hand with packing tape still stuck to it from the night before. 

Glitter looked suspiciously at Figgy and Pixie. Could they have forgiven her so easily?

“We’re not mad,” Pixie promised. 

“Honest,” added Figgy. “When the boys got up, they absolutely loved it!”

“Of course,” smiled Pixie. “All they wanted to do for the rest of the morning was play Minecraft so I’m not sure how well your little stunt went over with their parents….”

Glitter hesitantly raised a hoof. “Ok. Truce.”

“Now that that is settled,” said Pixie. “What should we do tonight?”

“I was talking to Nim and Lil at check-in,” said Glitter. 

“You mean, while we were taped to the wall above burning hot lava?” Pixie teased.

“Aaaand,” Glitter continued. “They sent this to help us with Joe and his doubts.”

Glitter held a giant heart shimmering with silver and gold glitter, just like the one she wore around her neck. 


Figgy looked doubtful. “Er…how exactly will that help Joe?”

“It’s not the heart, it’s what’s inside the heart.”

“Glitter, how will glitter help?” Pixie asked. 

The patient reindeer sighed and counted to ten before answering. “The glitter is magic. Christmas magic.”


“Yes. All we need to do is decorate a bit more and sprinkle this around the hou–”.

“And we can make snowflakes!” Figgy hooted.

“And write Christmas jokes everywhere!” Pixie hollered.

“On tiny, sticky pieces of paper!” Figgy jumped.

“On toilet paper squares!” Pixie bounced.

“Everywhere!” Both elves streamed into the air, a manic gleam in their eyes. They were moving so quickly, Barrel and Glitter could barely keep track of where they had been or where they were going. 

“Hey, Pixie! What does an elf learn in school?”


“The Elf-a-bet!” 

Maniacal laughter followed the punchline and the two kept going and going. 

They raced around the house, writing jokes, cutting snowflakes and leaving a trail of chaos behind them. Glitter, too baffled to do more than stare, finally put a stop to the mayhem.

“Ouch!” yelled Figgy.

“Ooomph!” cried Pixie.

The elves sat back to back, each in their own, personal roll of toilet paper. 

“Now…let me see…,” Glitter pranced around them, dragging a wad of toilet paper around them both. 

“Hey,” said Figgy. “What does that say?”

Pixie squinted and cocked her head to the side. “It says…’Jingle bells, stinky smells…HEY!”


Glitter raced off leaving a trail of toilet paper behind her with Figgy and Pixie shouting after her.

“That’s not funny Glitter! Get back here!”


Mischief Makers Day 6: Minecraft and Mayhem

Read Day 5: Hershey Hello or listen here.



Day 6: Minecraft and Mayhem

Nim and Lil doubled over and clutched their stomachs. Their laughter drew attention from other Mischief Makers, who came over to get in on the joke. 

“So,” Nim gasped. “Let me get this straight. You forgot that reindeer, magical reindeer, have super hearing?”

“And,” chortled Lil. “You thought you could pull one over on Glitter? Our very own Glitter?”

Fresh waves of mirth filled the air. 


“We didn’t forget,” grumbled Pixie. “We never knew!”

Figgy ducked his head and mumbled. “Well, you probably didn’t know…but I did.”

“And you didn’t tell me!?”

“I forgot! It was one of the first things we learned in The School of Mischief and Mayhem…but I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Pixie glared at Figgy and then her face softened into a smile, then a grin, then a full on shout of laughter erupted from her belly and filled the North Pole. 

“Oh Figgy, Glitter really got us, didn’t she?” 

Figgy nodded, smiling.

“Where is she anyway?” asked Lil. “I thought she was coming tonight to…do something…for us.”

Pixie and Figgy looked guiltily at each other, missing the odd note in Lil’s voice.

“About that…,” said Figgy. “She’s…otherwise engaged.”

Nim looked suspiciously at Figgy. “Spill it.”

“Well…we had to get her back didn’t we?” 

“And what better way than to sneak up on her and hang her from the ceiling fan in a pair of Joe’s underwear?” added Pixie.

“But, don’t worry. She’ll be here tomorrow,” Pixie promised.


*              *            *  

Deck the walls with Minecraft Mayhem
I will get revenge, will get revenge
When I see you next you will see
I will get revenge, will get revenge

You will be so sor-ry, sor-ry
Wait and see, wait and see, wait and see
Fig-gy, Pix-ie, Figgy, Pixie
I will get revenge, Will. Get. Re–venge!

“Figgy, does that sound like…Deck the Halls?”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Barrel and Glitter pounced and covered Figgy and Pixie with green and red cloth. Dragging them both by the hat, they secured them to the wall with packing tape and threw red and orange streamers all over the floor. 

“What?!” Figgy spluttered.

“How?!” Pixie gasped.

“Not again!!!” They both cried. 

“Mess with deer, you get the antlers.”

Barrel barked. 

“Oh,” added Glitter. “Don’t jump down. The floor is lava.”

Mischief Makers Day 5: Hershey Hello

Read Day 4: Masked Mummies or listen here!


Day 5: Hershey Hello

“Good grief that is a lot of chocolate!” Figgy watched as Glitter pulled a sleigh filled to the top, and overflowing with Hershey kisses. 

“Well. We have to up our game tonight,” said Pixie. 


Figgy and Pixie had been so excited when they’d finished the confetti and streamer surprise. They were overjoyed when the boys came out and laughed at the trap they’d made for them. It had worked! It was perfect! 

And then, when Jake went to brush his teeth, they heard Joe whispering to his mom.

Hey Mom, thanks for the decorating our door.”

She denied having put it together, but he didn’t believe her. 

“At least he was laughing,” said Glitter. Little comfort that was. 

Barrel nudged Pixie with his soft nose as if to comfort her. She reached down and scratched him behind the ears and noticed something shiny on his collar. “What’s this?”


Figgy floated over. “Oh, that’s a collar. Jake made it for him yesterday.”

“It’s so shiny and crinkly,” said Pixie. “I wonder what it’s made of.”

“Tin foil,” said Glitter, tossing another Hershey’s Kiss out of the sled.

Pixie’s eyes gleamed, a mischievous smile on her face. She pointed to the pile of Kisses. “Uh, Figgy…can you help me set these up? In the kitchen?”

“In the kitchen?” Figgy frowned. “But I thought we were going to put them in the windows.”

Pixie stared, wide-eyed at Figgy until he understood. 

“Oh!” he said. “Sure, I’ll help you in the kitchen.”

Rolling her eyes at his obvious I’m-up-to-something face, she led him to drawer under the microwave.

“So,” he asked. “What’s your idea?”

She smiled. “Weeellll,I thought maybe we could have a little fun and wrap Glitter up like a Hershey Kiss.” 

Figgy jumped up and down. “Genius! We can put a sign in front of her that says “Free kisses!”

“Shhh!” warned Pixie. “Or she’ll hear you.”

Figgy zipped his lips and they got to work on the sign. They had just placed it on the table when they heard clopping behind them. 

“I think you are forgetting something.”


Pixie and Figgy turned. Glitter stood tapping her hoof and…was that a smile?

Nervously, Pixie asked, “What would that be?”

“Rrrrufff!” Barrel dropped a roll of tinfoil, grabbed the end and raced first around Pixie and then around Figgy. He was so fast, they barely had time to blink before they were secured in the foil…just like a Hershey Kiss. 

Glitter cleared her throat. “Reindeer have excellent hearing. She winked and tramped away with Barrel at her heels.



Mischief Makers Day 4: Masked Mummies

Read Day 3: Tree Treats, or listen here!


The adventure continues….


Day 4 Masked Mummies

Nim and Lil gave Pixie and Figgy a night off from reporting. They’d seen the looks on the parent’s and then the boy’s faces when they saw the “forest”.

Not good. Not good at all.

Pixie and Figgy sat slumped in the sugar bowl, trying to cheer up. Glitter munched on a sugar cube. Even she could not put a positive spin on the situation. 


“I’m not sure how we can make up for that disaster.” Figgy sighed and scooped up another handful of sugar.

“I wish we’d had time to tidy up a bit before everyone got up,” said Pixie.

“Well we didn’t. And that’s that.” Glitter kicked the sugar cube to the sink and stood up on all fours. “So. How are we going to make up to them for our…disaster last night?”

Pixie let out a heavy sigh. “Sugar cookies?”

“Too messy,” said Glitter. “Figgy?”

“Hot wheel wars?”

“Do you want the kids to hurt themselves?” Glitter glared.

“Fine,” said Pixie with a huff. “What’s your idea, Glitter?”

“Well, I heard Sprinkles talking the other night…”.

“Sprinkles?” Figgy sat up in outrage. “You want us to copy one of HER ideas?” 

“Glitter! How could you even suggest that??” Pixie fumed.

“If you two can’t come up with an idea that will knock their Christmas socks off, then yes. I do think we should use all the resources at hoof.”


Pixie and Figgy stood and dusted the sugar off. 

“There is absolutely NO way we will take any of Sprinkles ideas. Come on Pixie. We’ve got a surprise to plan.”

Glitter smiled to herself as the two elves stomped away. “Nim and Lil were right. It just took a little goading to get them going.”


Mischief Makers Day 3: Tree Treats

Read Day 2: Chicken Charmers, or listen here!



The adventure continues….


Day 3 Tree Treats


“Thanks for coming with us tonight,” Pixie said, trying to sound upbeat.

Last night had been a disaster. As it turned out, Joe’s dad had opened the door to come and lock the chickens up. Luckily, the beam of his flashlight missed both Pixie and Figgy. 


But, by the time Figgy was able to get Pixie loose, the sun was coming up and they didn’t have time to do anything more than sit on the chicken coop and wait to be found. 



“Yeah,” said Figgy. “After our complete flop last night, we could use the help.”


“But the boys found you and thought it was funny,” said Nim, trying to cheer them up.


“Yes, you told us that they both laughed for a full five minutes before heading back inside,” added Lil.


“I guess,” Pixie sighed.


“Oh cheer up you two. We will make up for it tonight.” Glitter finished unloading the candy and brownies from the sleigh they’d brought along. 



The five friends headed to the study to set up what should have been last night’s surprise.


“Alright Pixie, Figgy,” asked Lil. “What do you want us to do?”


“Well,” began Figgy. “Last night, before the chicken debacle, we had planned to build an entire candy, cake and cookie forest in the study.”


Pixie jumped in, starting to cheer up. “We have brownie trees, candy canes, gum drops, chocolate frogs, animal cookies–”.


Nim held up his hands. “Ok, ok. I think we get it. Where do you want us to start?”


“With the treehouse,” said Glitter as she handed Nim and Lil chocolate covered pretzel rods and graham crackers.


“On it!” Lil took the materials and a few brownie trees and pulled Nim along to the Lego table.


Pixie and Figgy started setting up trees and bushes while Glitter trailed behind them and decorated with gumdrops and sprinkles. 


A few hours later, the five stood back to view their handiwork. 

“It’s magical,” Pixie sighed with sparkling eyes.


“They are going to be so excited!” Figgy sang.


Nim and Lil looked nervously at each other. They’d made…rather a mess of the study.




Normally, messes did not bother Nim and Lil. They’d made their share over the past few years. But this was different. The kitchen and living room were one thing, but the study…


“Er,” began Nim. “Maybe we should have done this in the kitchen.”


“Are you kidding?” asked Figgy. “This is perfect! They love to play in here.”


“I think that is what Nim is saying,” added Lil. “They love playing in here. Daily.”


“Oh dear!” Pixie suddenly saw the problem. “They won’t be able to play without–”.


“Washing all the blocks and cleaning up this…mess.” Figgy hung his head. 


“Maybe it’s ok,” Nim said quickly, trying to salvage the situation. “Maybe we can just…”.




“Uh oh,” said Pixie. “Too late. The parents are awake.”


Mischief Makers Day 2: Chicken Charmers

Read Day 1: Crack the Code or listen here!



The adventure continues….


Day 2: Chicken Charmers

“And then, we hid the Christmas pajamas in the freezer with a secret code telling the boys where to find them!” Figgy exclaimed as he finished telling Nim and Lil what a big hit the treasure hunt was with the boys.

“Wow! They sure are growing up if they are writing notes. How exciting!” said Lil.


“Yeees, well. The note had a typo,” said Figgy. 

“Oh,” said Nim. “Well, spelling can be difficult for kids his age–”

“N-not that kind of typo,” Pixie interrupted. “He’d accidentally thanked his mom before realizing he should be thanking us.”

Figgy showed Nim and Lil the note and their faces paled. 

“Oh,” said Nim again. “Well…”. But his voice trailed off. 

Lil quickly changed the subject. “So…what are your plans for tonight?”

Pixie smiled, her face brightening. “We have a BIG surprise planned for them.”

Figgy grinned. “A REALLY big surprise. And we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night.”


* * *



“What was that?” Pixie jumped, startled by the noise.

Figgy whipped his head around, searching for the source.

“Bawk-bawk-bawk. Bagawk!”

Shadows moved around the fenced in coop at the side of the deck.

“Oh no! They must have forgotten to lock the chickens up,” whispered Figgy.

Oh the poor things! They sound so scared. All alone, out in the dark.”

Pixie tiptoed toward the coop, crooning and trying to comfort the hens.

“Pixie, be careful! Those holes are big enough to—”. 

Too late Pixie realized her mistake. She fell through the chicken wire, her leg getting caught in the small holes. “Ack! Figgy, help me!”


Figgy was frozen in place. He’d been scooped up by a robin when he was 103 and had been terrified of any type of bird ever since.

“I-I c-can’t.”


Lights flipped on and the door slid open with a whoosh. Figgy, already frozen in place dropped to a sitting position and Pixie stilled. They’d been caught and weren’t sure if the shadow looming at the door had seen them…or not.


Mischief Makers Day 1: Crack the Code

Read Day 0: Peppermints and Promotions or listen here!


The adventure continues…


Day 1: Crack the Code

Nim and Lil hugged Figgy and Pixie at the window to Joe and Jake’s house. 

“You’ll be fine,” Lil told Pixie. “Just remember to have fun. The rest will fall into place.”

“We’re leaving Glitter with you,” said Nim. “At least for the first week. Then she’ll have to come back and—.”

“Do something else,” Lil interrupted, looking pointedly at Nim. 

Glitter stomped her hoof impatiently. She was not happy with this new arrangement. “Splitting up the team,” she muttered. “Might as well cancel Christmas.”

“Bah humbug,” laughed Lil

“Don’t worry about Glitter,” said Nim. “She’ll come around.”


“Is she that upset at having to stay with us for a week?” asked Pixie with a worried frown.

“Oh no,” said Nim. “Quite the opposite. She hoped we would all be assigned to this house again.”

Figgy smiled. “To be honest, I’d hoped for the same.”

Nim grinned and patted Figgy on the back. “We’ll be a flight away and we’ll see you every night at check-in.”

“Remember what Santa told us,” said Lil as she and Nim prepared to take flight. “Joe is starting to wonder if Santa is real or not. It may be tempting to reveal yourselves to convince him, but if you do…you risk not only your assignment, but the entire Mischief Maker Program.”

Pixie and Figgy looked nervously at each other and gave Nim and Lil one final hug. Then, turning, they floated through the window with Glitter.

“Look, a note from Joe!” 

Figgy picked up the note and zoomed to Pixie. They huddled together and read.

Dear Nim, Lil, Pixie and Figgy, 

Jake and I love treasure hunts with secret codes. Maybe you could do one of those for us tonight? 

Thanks, Mom! Nim, Lil, Pixie and Figgy!



Pixie gasped and turned to look at Figgy. “It’s worse than Santa thought!”

“What are we going to do?” Figgy’s voice trembled.

Glitter galloped over. Pixie and Figgy turned to her, tears in their eyes.

“Well team,” said Glitter, a determined glint in her eye. “We’ve got work to do if we are going to convince Joe we do exist without compromising the Mischief Maker program.”

Pixie and Figgy stared solemnly at each other, worry reflected in their eyes.

Pixie wiped the tears off her cheeks and held Figgy’s hand, determined and ready to get to work. “Let’s get started!”


Mischief Makers Day 0: Peppermints and Promotions

“Where are they?” asked Pixie, a worried frown on her rosy face. “I haven’t seen them since breakfast, and they missed Butter Brickle Break, Sugar Snack and Lollipop Lunch. They love Lollipop Lunch.” 

“Especially when the side dish is sugared dumplings with extra syrup, chocolate chips and crushed candy canes,” added Figgy, Pixie’s partner in mischief. 

Pixie and Figgy craned their necks, searching for Nim and Lil–their friends and mentors. They’d learned so much from them on their first assignment last Christmas. Pixie and Figgy had still not been assigned their own house and were nervously awaiting the announcement from Santa. 

“Wait, I see them!” Figgy cried, bouncing on his toes. He pointed to the stage where Santa would deliver the annual start of the season speech. 

“What are they doing up there?” Pixie asked. “Aren’t they supposed to be—”.

“Ho, ho ho! Merry Christmas Season!” boomed a loud, jolly voice. Santa climbed the stairs to the top of the stage and gave a jaunty wave to the crowd of Mischief Making elves. 

Nim and Lil seemed to stand a little taller and beam a little brighter as Santa started to talk about the upcoming season. 

“I have some exciting news to share,” began Santa. “We are making a few changes to the Mischief Maker Program this year.” 

Silence fell as the elves waited for Santa to share the news. 

“To start, I will be stepping down as head of the Mischief Maker program.”

After a shocked pause, shouts of “No!” and “Say it isn’t so, Santa!” filled the crisp night air.

Santa raised a hand and the crowd grew quiet once more. 

“Yes, I will be stepping down. I’ve fallen short in my duties as Santa since we started this program. Complaints have started coming in, so I will be redoubling my dedication to my original purpose.”

A little elf, new to the program this year, squeaked out, “But Santa, who will train the new recruits?”

“Who will guide us?” shouted another.

“All will be well,” said Santa with a smile. “Two of our very best and oldest Mischief Makers are stepping up.” He gestured behind him. “Nim Noel and Lil’ Lil have been promoted to Chiefs in Charge of the Mischief Maker Program!”

Nim and Lil zig-zagged over the stage, throwing peppermints, glitter, and Christmas confetti and whooping. The rest of the Mischief Makers were silent at first, but then erupted into cheers and loud applause, excited for this new development.  

When the crowd quieted again, Santa turned to Nim and Lil. “I’ll let you two share the good news for our newest team.”

Nim and Lil held hands and smiled broadly. “Pixie Powder, a member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade and Figgy Frost, new to us last year, have been assigned their very own children to make mischief with this year.”

Pixie and Figgy held their breath.

“Your new house…,” said Lil.

“Joe and Jake! You got Joe and Jake!” Nim couldn’t contain his glee. Lil shook her head at Nim as a cheer once again erupted from the crowd. 

But a pink-clad pixie and her partner in green cheered the loudest and longest.  


2018 Mischief Makers: Breaking News


North Pole Gazette
December 25, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Top Shelf Elf Trophy Awarded
By Sparkly Sprinkles

In a surprise move, Santa awarded this year’s Top Shelf Elf trophy to new recruits Figgy Frost and the unknown Pixie Powder.

Late to the season, these new Mischief Makers worked hard to reunite last season’s winners Nim Noel and Lil’ Lil, who apparently had a falling out over Jell-O.

Powder, sources tell us, is a member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade and was on assignment when she met the Mischief Makers.

“I had so much fun with Nim, Lil and Figgy!” Powder told reporters, twirling about the cameras.

Santa announced that the duo would be partners for the 2019 Season and assigned to a yet-to-be-announced locale. Powder and Frost completely lost their minds at this news and reporters could no longer get anything coherent out of them.