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Mischief Makers Day 8: The Eighth Milk Jug

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Figgy sat at the cafeteria table scribbling furiously in the Naughty and Nice Notebook.

Name: Felix Malloy 
Status: Naughty
Crime: Live fowl in the bathroom

Name: Tim Malloy
Status: Naughty
Crime: Water balloons down the stairs

Slowly, cautiously, Nim, Lil and Pixie approached. 

“Figgy? What are you doing?” asked Lil.

“Making a list for Santa. He’ll need to check it twice before heading out on Christmas Eve and I want to make sure he has ALL the information.”

Name: Tom Malloy
Status: Naughty
Crime: Chocolate Fountain explosion

“Oh Figgy, I’d hardly call it an explosion!” said Pixie.


Name: Molly Malloy
Status: Naughty, Level 5
Crime: Elf kidnapping

“Now Figgy, that is going a little far!” scolded Nim. 

Figgy’s pen stopped scratching and he looked up at Nim. “I was hanging from that craft cart all night, Nim. All. Night.”

Nim gulped. 

Name: Gabe and Gertie Malloy.

“Alright Figgy, that’s enough,” said Lil. “Put the pen down and step away from the Notebook.”

Figgy started to argue, but then caught sight of Santa coming in through the double doors and, wisely, held his tongue.

“Did I hear the Malloy children anticipated your antics once again?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes,” sighed Pixie. “It really is a mystery how they–.”

“Mystery?!” Figgy exploded. “Is it a mystery, Pixie?”

“Yes, yes Figgy,” interrupted Nim. “We all know your theory.”

Figgy began mumbling under his breath. 

“Theory…true…I’ll get proof…you’ll see.”

“C’mon, Figgy. Let’s head out.”

Grumbling and shuffling his feet, Figgy followed Pixie through the clouds.

* * *

“Ok,” said Pixie. “So far, so good.”

When the elves had arrived back at the Malloy house, there was no sign of a mess or mayhem. Perhaps the children grew bored or perhaps they were sent to bed early. Whatever it was, Lil was grateful. Figgy, suspicious. 

“We can use this dish.” Pixie pointed to a large white bowl on the table. “Figgy, can you get the food coloring? I’ll get the dish soap and milk.”

Figgy cautiously approached the pantry cabinet. He opened the door and jumped back quickly. Nothing happened. 

He peeked in and slowly pulled the small box of food coloring out. Nothing happened

“Honestly, Figgy,” said Pixie. “If something were going to happen, it would have. We are in the clear.”

Pixie popped the cap off of the milk. “Hmm. Smells funny. Tangy.” She started to pour the milk in just as Figgy noticed a white, powdery film all over the bottom of the dish. “Pixie, wait!”

Too late. A frothy mountain a foam bubbled quickly over the dish and dripped out all over the table, swiftly covering both elves and knocking them onto the floor. 

Got milk? 🙂
-Terry Jr.

Figgy sat, dripping with vinegar laced milk and pointing a shaking finger at a box of baking soda on the counter. “I told you so, Pixie!

Fun Holiday Rainbow Milk

Mischief Makers Day 7: The Seventh Swan

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Figgy paced back and forth in front of Santa’s desk. 

“But Santa! It must be a spy! How else would the kids have known what we had planned?” 

Pixie, still unsure, said, ”But who would do that to us, Figgy? It has to be a coincidence. A really, strange, spooky and specific coincidence.”

Figgy harrumphed. “Really, Pixie? A coincidence? Every. Single. Night?”

Santa raised a hand. “Alright you two. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this.”

“Yeah,” said Pixie. “There’s no way they’ll know what tonight’s plan is. And even if they somehow guess, all we are doing is filling the bathtub with all those fake swans we hid. How big a mess could they possibly make with that idea?”

Nim and Lil nodded. 

Figgy crossed his arms and glared at everyone. “Mark my words, those little rascal’s know our every move!”

* * *

Splish, splash!

“What on earth could that be?” wondered Pixie.

“Oh no,” said Figgy as he zoomed to the bathroom. He was so intent on getting their quickly, that he crashed into the door frame and fell back. Expecting a hard landing, he was surprised to hear a soft “squish”. His surprise swiftly turned to disgust as he realized just what he had landed in.

Pixie stared at him. “Is that–?”

“Don’t,” he said. “Just don’t.”

Biting the inside of her cheeks, Pixie turned away and peered into the bathroom. Her laughter disappeared and her panic kicked in. The bathroom was filled with swans, most of them the fake ones they’d hidden on the first night, but there were three real ones floating serenely in the bathtub. 

“Uh, oh. The swans we were saving for tonight! They found our stash of supplies!!” Pixie’s eyes bulged. “Figgy, I think that was swan poo–.”

“HOW?!” exploded Figgy. “HOW DID THEY GET A LIVE SWAN IN HERE?!!”

At Figgy’s outburst, the swans swiveled their heads, noticing the two elves. It began to trumpet. Loudly. 

“oh-OH! oh-OH! oh-Oh!”

“Look Figgy,” said Pixie.

Figgy interrupted her. “Let me guess. There’s a note.”

Sara the swan needed a swim!


Mischief Makers Day 6: The 6th Goose

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“This is getting out of hand,” said Nim as he helped Figgy and Pixie pick up the mess of sticks, string, and broken eggshell that littered the table.

Nim had offered to fly back with them to help set up the edible bird’s nest project they had planned for a fun breakfast activity. When they arrived, they found destruction. The kitchen was a disaster. 

The remnants of an actual bird’s nest was strewn across the floor. A soft honking coming from the corner cabinet. Upon investigation, they had found an actual live goose sleeping in a frying pan. A note was attached to the bright bow around it’s neck.

Hope you like goose eggs for breakfast! 


It had been…difficult to get the big bird out without making too much noise. 

Again, for the zillionth time, Nim wondered aloud. “But, how on earth have they known your plans?”

“I have a theory,” said Figgy.

“Oh Figgy, not this again!” Pixie said. 

“Well, how else do you explain it, Pixie?”

Nim pulled the candy eggs and donuts out of the bag for the real breakfast project. “What theory?”

Figgy shifted his eyes right, then left and whispered. “A spy at the Pole.”

Nim blinked. 

Pixie sighed. Heavily. 

“Hear me out,” said Figgy. “Every night since the beginning, they have known exactly what we had planned.”

“Okaaay,” said Nim. “But how would they have a spy at the North Pole?”

“That’s the mystery!” exclaimed Figgy. “Someone at the North Pole has been bribed to infiltrate and pass information back to the outside. Some disgruntled toymaker probably.” 

Figgy sat back, confident that he had convinced Nim that his theory was correct. 

Nim put a gentle hand on Figgy’s shoulder. “I think you need to take a few nights off, buddy.”

“WHAT? NO, I don’t need to take any time off!!”

Nim looked at him with sympathy, speaking as if Figgy were a skittish pony. “It’s ok, Figgy. Everyone buckles under stress.”

Pixie giggled. 

“Well what else could it be?!”

The three sat staring at each other. Wondering what was going on and who was responsible. 

An angry bray startled them out of the reverie. Glitter, while prancing through the window, had slipped on an eggshell, slid across the floor, and crashed into a pile of goose droppings. 

“What in the reindeer games happened here?”

“A spy, that’s what happened.” 
Nim closed his eyes and Pixie rolled hers. Both secretly wondering if Figgy was right after all.

Mischief Makers Day 5: The 5th Ring

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“Oh look,” said Pixie. “I didn’t get all of the chocolate off my toes.”

“Well I still have some in my hair,” said Figgy. 

Your hair,” grumbled Glitter. “Try getting it out of fur. After it’s hardened.”

“At least it wasn’t as messy as the chicken feathers,” said Pixie. 

“At least you two didn’t get stuck, wrapped up in yarn for an ENTIRE DAY!”

Pixie and Glitter tried to keep a straight face while nodding sympathetically. 

“Of course, you are right, Figgy.”

“Yes,” added Pixie. “We are so…hee hee…so sorry about–.” Then, she lost the battle and fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. 

Figgy rolled his eyes and pulled the hula hoops in through the garage. When he came back in the kitchen, Pixie’s fit was over and Glitter tried for a dignified expression, though chocolate was still stuck on her antlers. 

“I’ll gather the pillows,” said Pixie. “We need three, right?”

Glitter nodded. “I’ll grab the painter’s tape.”

“The traffic cones are already downstairs.” 

Pixie and Figgy headed for the stairs, Glitter trailing at a canter. 

“How many rings do we have, Figgy?”

“Five, but—.”


“What was that?” asked Glitter.


“It sounds like—.”

“INCOMING!” Pixie streamed the rest of the way down the stairs taking cover under the game shelf. 

Water balloons came crashing down on them, splattering and bursting with colored water. 

“Where are they coming from?! Can you see anything Glitter? Glitter?”

Figgy turned around to see Glitter tangled up in a wire. His eyes followed the wire up, up, up to a dangling net with the last of the color bomb balloons raining down on poor, wet Glitter. 

Pixie peeked out from under the game shelf as the last balloon floated gently down and, with a soft *Pop* revealed a folded up piece of paper. 

Hope you like water balloon fights!


Mischief Makers Day 4: The Fourth Call

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“But Santa, it wasn’t us!” Pixie stomped her foot in exasperation. 

“Yeah, we’re the victims here,” added Figgy. “It’s like they are one step ahead of us. Every. Single. Night!”

Nim and Lil looked on sympathetically while Santa scratched his chin.

“Yes, yes, but that is beside the point. The Malloy parents have called the hotline and left four messages. Four! They are upset and need someone to blame. Namely, you two.”

Pixie looked ready to cry while smoke nearly flowed from Figgy’s ears. 


“Santa,” Nim interjected calmly. “Maybe we should take it from here.”

With a nod, Santa trundeled back into his office. Nim and Lil turned to Pixie and Figgy.

“Nim, I—”.

“Lil, we—”.

Lil held up a hand. “Ok, ok. We know that you aren’t the ones causing the havoc, but you are the ones getting the blame. So what can we do?”

“I still don’t know how they are doing it,” mused Nim. 

Figgy harrumphed. “Boy if I knew, I’d…I’d…well, I’d do something about it.”

“Lil and I will noodle on the problem, you guys just focus on the next task.”

Pixie perked up a bit. “I’ve been soooo excited for tonight! Sundae bars are so much fun!”

* * *

Sneak, sneak, sneak.

Figgy and Pixie peaked in through the kitchen window, eyes darting right, then left.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

A few steps on the counter and they stopped, crouching low and holding their breath. 

All was quiet except for the sound of the clock ticking. 

“Maybe they only had the first few nights planned,” Figgy said as he signalled Glitter to bring in the sundae supplies.

“Let’s hope so,” said Pixie.

As quietly as they could, they set up the sundae bar. Sprinkles of every kind and syrup of every flavor were arrayed across the table. 

“So far, so good,” said Glitter. 

Figgy sighed, relieved. “I guess they didn’t have anything else planned for us after all.”


“What was that?” asked Pixie.

Glug. Glug.

“It’s coming from the living room,” said Figgy.

Glug. Glug. GLUG!

A sweet, chocolaty stream surged toward the ceiling and rained sticky goodness all over two very surprised elves and one shocked and appalled reindeer. 

Frantically, Figgy and Pixie raced into the living room with Glitter galloping at their heels. They skidded to a halt, spraying chocolate all over themselves and the couch. 

“Is that a fountain?” Figgy asked as brown goo dripped down his hat.

Pixie stuck out her tongue to catch a few drops. “Mmmm…milk chocolate!”

Glitter, looking put out, pointed a hoof at a note, written in chocolate. 

Thought you could use this for the sundaes! ~Tom

“Guess they weren’t done with us.”

Mischief Makers Day 3: The Third Hen

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“Ho, Ho, HA!” Santa rubbed his belly as he laughed. Figgy and Pixie had just finished telling the group what had happened the night before and were now waiting, rather impatiently for Santa’s mirth to fade. 

“But how do they know,” said Nim for the umpteenth time. 

Pixie and Figgy were both starting to agree with Nim. 

“I thought the first night was just a coincidence,” said Lil. “But now…”. 

“Well there is no way they’ll know what we are doing tonight. It’s too…too, well, they just can’t possibly know, right?”

Nim exchanged a look with Lil and Santa. “Right, there’s no way…”.

* * *

Pixie, Figgy and Glitter soared through the stars all lost in thought. Coincidences happened, but these past few nights had been too full of crazy coincidence for comfort. 

“There it is,” said Pixie. The three friends spotted the house and nose-dived for the back yard to pick up their prop for the night’s shenanigans. 

“Here, chick, chick, chick.” 

“Figgy,” said Pixie. “That’s not how you talk to a chicken.”

“Oh? And just how should I be communicating?”

“Like this. ‘Tuk, tuk, tuk!’”

“No,” said Glitter. “It’s like this. ‘Bawk, bawk, bawk.’”

“Here chick, chick, chick.”

“Tuk, tuk, tuk!”

“Bawk, bawk, bawk.”

“Oh none of this is working,” said Pixie. 

“Let me go in and see what is going on,” said Figgy.

He tip-toed to the coop and peeked inside. “Hey, no one’s in here.”

Glitter wandered to the house to peek inside the window. “Oh my.”

Pixie and Figgy swiftly flew to her side. 


Three full-grown hens were inside on the kitchen table pecking at and pooping on the placemats. 

“What?!” Pixie panicked.

“How?!” Figgy floundered.

“Get them!” Glitter growled. 

Zipping through the window the two elves landed with a crash, startling the hens and sending feathers flying. 

Glitter galloped after a speckled one while Figgy and Pixie raced after two leghorns. 

“Don’t wake the family!” Pixie pounced on one of the leghorns.

“Are you kidding?!” Figgy fought another to the floor.

“GOT ONE!” Glitter grabbed the speckled hen. 

“NABBED ANOTHER!” Pixie pulled a leghorns tail.

“HEEELLLP!!!” Figgy fought the rooster. With effort, he managed to tackle it in a giant puff of feathers and a few squawks. 

Breathlessly, the three rested with their hens, gathering their wits and catching their breath. 

“Now…puff, puff…what?” asked Pixie. 

“Well, I guess we use them all?” said Figgy. 

Glitter looked doubtfully at the rooster, who looked angrily back at her. “I don’t think this one is feeling all that cooperative. I’m taking him back to the coop. 

As Glitter heaved and pushed the rooster back outside, Figgy and Pixie got to work dressing the hens up like elves. 

As they donned the last hat, Glitter came galloping into the room. “You’re going to want to read this.” 

Figgy took the note from Glitter and Pixie read it over his shoulder. 

Have fun with all the feathers! Hope the Christmas Hens cooperate!


Mischief Makers Day 2: The Second Turtle

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Laughter bubbled up through the chimney of Santa’s Workshop as Figgy and Pixie shared the adventure from the night before. 

“Geez, it’s not that funny,” grumbled Figgy. 

Pixie couldn’t help but smile. “Actually, it is pretty funny.”

“Not to mention clever,” added Lil.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand,” said Nim. “How did they know you would be going to the fridge?”

Pixie and Figgy had been wondering the same thing. 

“Lucky guess?” said Lil. “A hot chocolate bar is a pretty popular first night surprise. Maybe they heard about it from a friend.”

Figgy and Pixie shrugged. 

Nim wasn’t so sure. Something was fishy about the whole situation.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” asked Lil.

Figgy smiled mysteriously. “Let’s just say the family is about to meet a new ‘pet’.”

* * *

“Come on, Dove! You are such a slow-poke.” Pixie pulled and tugged on a small turtle. A small, live turtle while Glitter and Figgy held the window open. 

“Finally!” she said as Dove the Turtle rolled onto the floor. “Sheesh, that was harder than I thought it would be!”

“Did you bring the supplies, Glitter?” asked Figgy.

“Right here. I also noticed a craft cart in Molly’s room when I was doing recon. I forgot glitter, but I bet there is some in there.”

Pixie giggled. “You forgot the glitter…Glitter?”

She sniffed and snorted. 

Figgy snickered. “Ok, well I’ll go get the glitter that Glitter forgot.” He zoomed down the hallway in search of Molly’s room. 

“Ok,” said Pixie. “First we paint the shell bright pink.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Glitter. “I’m not sure Dove the Turtle is going to be very cooperative.”

“Oh she’s game, aren’t you Dove-y?”

For the next half hour, Pixie and Glittered polished and painted. Snipped and sewed. Buffed and beautified. By the time they were finished, Dove the Turtle was unrecognizable and, if her face said anything, very happy with her new look.

“See, I told you she would like it. Now, what on earth is taking Figgy so long? We’re ready for the glitter.”

Slowly, carefully and silently, Glitter and Pixie snuck down the hall in search of Figgy. The door to Molly’s room was slightly ajar. 

“Figgy,” Pixie whispered. “Are you in here?”

Glitter cantered quietly toward the craft cart and stopped short. “Psst, come over here Pixie.”

Pixie approached and peered over Glitter’s antlers. 

“Oh my.”

Wrapped in yarn with only his nose and eyes visible, Figgy hung upside down looking partly annoyed and partly impressed at his predicament. A note had fluttered to the floor.

Ha! Gotcha! ~Molly

Pixie tried hard not to laugh. They couldn’t risk waking Molly up. 

As she and Glitter left quietly they cast a look of sympathy at Figgy.

“Sorry Figgy!” Pixie mouthed. “Hang in there.”

Mischief Makers 2021 Day 0: Prologue

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Four elves landed in a heap on the kitchen counter.

Pixie, a former member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade, spun around. 

Figgy, her green-clad partner rolled over the edge while Nim and Lil, Chief Mischief Makers, helped him back up.

A soft giggle drifted across the room. 

“Joe!” called Lil and Pixie.

“Jake!” cried Nim and Figgy. 

Joe and Jake, grinning wide, rushed to the four elves. “It’s so good to see you guys!”

“Figgy and I just wanted to stop by before heading to our new assignment,” said Pixie.

“And Nim and I thought we’d tag along to say hello!” said Lil. 

“We stayed up late hoping you would all come to see us!” said Jake.

Joe nodded. “And to hear about your new assignment!”

Pixie jumped up and down. “All we know is that we will be entertaining twins! And their names are Gabe and Gertie.”

“We have so many fun stunts planned!” Figgy danced on his toes. “We made a whole list!”

“Oh a list!” squealed Lil. “Can we see it??”

Pixie nodded. “Glitter has it, she should be here any minute.”

Glitter soared through the window and landed lightly next to the group bowing her antlered head to the boys. 

“Glitter!” The boys hugged the regal reindeer. 

Ruuuufff! Barrel, a tiny Saint Bernard, came bounding into the room straight at Glitter.  

“Oof! Sorry I’m late, I was casing our new assignment, making sure the list you two made would work.” 

“You were…what now?” Figgy asked.

Pixie giggled. “She was checking out our new house…casing the joint.”

“Yes. Well, er…it appears as though Santa…miscalculated.”

“Miscalculated?” Figgy tilted his head and pursed his lips.

“Yes…as it turns out there will be more than just the twins at your new assignment.”

Pixie smiled. “How wonderful!”

Glitter pawed the floor. 

Figgy narrowed his eyes. “How many more?”

Glitter gave a soft, nervous bray.


“Well…in addition to Gabe and Gertie…you have Molly, Heidi, Tom, Tim, Mary, Felix, Terry Jr., Willy and Julie.”

Nim cleared his throat. “So…11?”

 “And then there’s the youngest. Alex. She’s a bit…spirited.”  

Lil gasped. “12??”

Pixie panicked. 

Figgy fainted. 

Glitter sighed. “That went about as well as I expected.” 

2020 Day 25 Mischief Makers

In just a few days this year’s Mischief Makers’ story will begin. Here is last year’s ‘Breaking News’ that sets up the 2021 tales!


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Pixie and Figgy Assigned New House!

North Pole Gazette
December 25, 2020
by Sparkly Sprinkles

In an astonishing turn of events, Pixie Powder and Figgy Frost’s assigned children both discovered the truth about the elves. Joe, who found out last season, tried to stop Jake from running to the living room, but Jake was too quick. Powder and Frost, along with Nim Noel and Lil’ Lil were discovered putting the final touches on the tiny Christmas tree they were leaving as a surprise for the boys. 

“I just can’t believe it,” Frost said. “We were so close to the end.”

Powder agreed, although it was difficult to understand through all the blubbering. 

Nim and Lil were unavailable for questioning as they were in Santa’s office discussing what to do next season. Mr. Grimly, head of the Department of Festive Fun and Frivolity, was also attendance.

Where does this leave Powder and Frost? What will happen to them next season? This reporter can’t wait to find out.

The Elves are Coming Soon!!!

I am furiously adding the final touches to this year’s Mischief Makers’ Tale. If you want to get caught up…here’s the first story from 2020!

Mischief Makers 2020: Prologue

Stay tuned for all new tales in Mischief Makers: The 12 Days of Mischief!






Four elves landed in a heap on the kitchen counter.

Pixie, a former member of the Birthday Beagle Brigade, spun around.

Figgy, her green-clad partner rolled over the edge while Nim and Lil, Chief Mischief Makers, helped him back up.

A soft giggle drifted across the room.

“Joe!” called Lil and Pixie.

“Jake!” cried Nim and Figgy.

Joe and Jake, grins so wide their cheeks hurt, rushed to the four elves. “It’s so good to see you guys!”

“Figgy and I just wanted to stop by before heading to our new assignment,” said Pixie.

“And Nim and I thought we’d tag along to say hello!” said Lil.