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Mischief Makers Day 17: Pixie Picaso

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Day 17 Pixie Picasso

“Er, what is that, Figgy?” Pixie’s head tilted from side to side, trying to figure out what Figgy was painting. 

Figgy looked at her in disbelief. “It’s Santa.”

Pixie studied it harder. 

She moved closer.

She moved further away.

She stood on her head.

“Ahem.” Figgy tapped his toes.

“Oh, uh, of course. I see him now.” Her tone was less than convincing, but Figgy just shrugged. Some elves just couldn’t see true art.


Pixie smiled and got back to her painting of the boys, continuing their conversation about what Glitter could be up to. They had thought of some pretty fantastical excuses for her behavior.

“Maybe she’s training for a job on Santa’s team.”

“Or maybe she’s planning a big surprise party to celebrate the end of the season,” said Figgy.


Pixie stopped painting mid-stroke. “Or maybe…she’s training a super secret network of elf spies to make sure the toymakers are doing their jobs correctly.”

“Pixie, that’s–.”

“No, no. Hear me out. Did you see the quality of some of those toys last year? The brittle plastic? The shoddy craftsmanship?”

“But that was not the toymakers doing, they’re not in charge of ordering materials. That’s the Santa’s Supply Staff’s job.”

“Ok, ok, but what about ‘The Recall’?”

Figgy gasped. He’d forgotten about ‘The Recall’. It had been a big scandal in the Toymaker’s Workshop. Santa’s Toymakers had tried to cover it up but, unfortunately, a blabbermouth named Buzzy told his friend Gabby who told her friend Squeaker who leaked it to the rest of the North Pole community.

“Santa was so mad,” said Figgy. “I’d never seen him lose his temper before.”

“I know,” added Pixie. “When he said ‘No candy canes for any of the toymakers at dinner,’ I knew it was serious.”

“Poor Toymakers could only have gumdrops, chocolate trees and lollipops for dinner that night.” Figgy shook his head sadly.

A bright light flashed at the window followed by a loud crack. Figgy and Pixie jumped, knocking over paints and canvases. 

“What was that!?” whisper-shouted Pixie. Figgy peered out the window…and gasped. 

Pixie peered over his shoulder. “It’s Glitter, but what are those things prancing around her legs?”


“Tiny reindeer!” shouted Figgy, bouncing on his toes. “Aren’t the so cute!?”

The two elves stood aside as Glitter and her three tiny reindeer trotted into the kitchen. 

“Pixie, Figgy,” said Glitter proudly. “I’d like you to meet my new charges.”

The teeny reindeer stepped forward in turn.

“I’m Thunder.”

“I’m Blixen.”

“An’ I’m Rudolph Junior.” Rudolph Junior’s nose was slightly pink and glowing, just like the original Rudolph had when he had been a young calf.

“Glitter, is this what you’ve been up to?” asked Pixie. 

“Yes, Santa put me in charge of training the next herd of Reindeer Pets.” Glitter cocked her head. “You seem disappointed, Pixie. What did you think I was doing?”

Figgy snorted.



Mischief Makers Day 16: Up a Tree

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Day 16 Up a Tree

“And we can have a room just for reading, and a secret door.”

“And a rope ladder, Joe. We have to have a rope ladder.”

The boys were discussing the tree house they planned to build when the weather got warmer. The tree they had in mind for it had lost a few smaller branches and their dad said they could use it for their dream tree house as long as they planned it out and saved for the materials to build it.

“Time for bed boys. Go brush your teeth and get your pjs on.”

“Aw, but Mom…”.

“No buts, time to get to bed so those elves can come and make whatever mischief they have planned.” 

Jake perked up and zipped into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Joe looked at his mom and sighed. 

“I know, Mom.”

“Know what sweetie?”

“You know. That it’s you.”

His mom looked at him in confusion.

“Oh come on, Mom. You are the elves! You stay up and do all the work.”

“Sweetie, I have no idea what you are talking about.”


She ruffled his hair. “You’re tired. Now go brush your teeth and get your pjs on. I’ll come to tuck you in when you’re done.”

With a heavy, exaggerated sigh, Joe tramped off to the bathroom, mumbling under his breath. 

*             *             *

“Where’s Santa?” Figgy frantically flew to Nim and Lil’s office at the North Pole.


“Figgy? Pixie? What’s going on?” asked Nim in alarm.

“Where’s Santa?? We have an emergency!” Pixie paced and panicked in front of Lil’s desk.

“Calm down,” said Lil. “Take a deep breath and tell us what happened.”

“Joe and Jake were–.”

“…talking about treehouses–.”

“…and poles to slide down–.”

“…brush their teeth and–.”

“FIGGY! PIXIE! CALM DOWN!” Nim had never yelled so loud, had never seemed so intimidating as he did right now. 

Pixie and Figgy immediately stopped interrupting each other and gasped, taking big, deep breaths to calm themselves.

“Sorry,” said Figgy and Pixie in a small, sad voices.

Lil took a seat at her desk. “Now, tell us what happened.”

Figgy, in as calm a manner as he could muster, related the whole tale. When he was done, Nim and Lil were absolutely silent. 

“Well,” said Pixie. “What should we do?”

Nim cleared his throat. “Go back. Carry out whatever you had planned for tonight.”


“We’ll talk to Santa and let you know the game plan as soon as we can. For now, it’s business as usual.”

“Can’t we talk to Santa now? Where is he?” Pixie half stood to go in search of him.

“No. Santa is busy. There was…an emergency in the reindeer barn.”

Figgy’s eyes grew wide with concern. He and Lil knew that Glitter had been spending a lot of time in the reindeer barn. “Is Glitter–?” 

“Glitter is fine,” Lil said softly, reassuringly. “I promise.”

“Now go,” repeated Nim. “You’re running out of time. Morning will be here before you know it.”

With nothing left to say, Pixie and Figgy took off, heading back to their house. Both wondering how long it would continue to be their house. 


Mischief Makers Day 15: Picture Perfect

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Day 15 Picture Perfect

Figgy the Frosty Elfman,
Liked to run around and play.
Pulling out lights and fry pans,
Telling Glitter jokes all day!

Pixie just loved to listen
All is jokes were really grand.
She even liked Glitter’s banter,
And always gave them both a hand!

Til one cold, dark winter’s eve
Pixie came to say
“Figgy with your pointy hat
Won’t you help me get the cats?”

But kitties don’t like to listen,
They like to do things on their own.
Figgy the Frosty Elfman,
Sorry ‘bout your funny bone!

“I guess hitching the cats to a sleigh was not the best idea,” said Pixie, trying hard not to giggle.

“I g-guess–haha–not, ha ha-ha, hee-hee.” Poor Figgy could not stop laughing. He’d hit his funny bone chasing after Boots and Echo and hadn’t yet recovered. 

“Especially since Figgy is allergic to cats.” Glitter, who had returned late, also tried not to smile. Figgy’s laugh was contagious and the situation, hilarious.

Pixie picked up the red nose. “Now what? Turning the cats into Rudolph and Dasher is out. What should we do?”

Glitter trotted over to examine the red nose. “How many noses do you have?”

“Just this one,” said Pixie.

“Hee-hee, ha, ha…b-but we can-ha!-make m-mor-ha-ha-ha.”

“Figgy’s right! We have a bunch of red construction paper. We can make as many as we want.”

“Good,” said Glitter. “Let’s get cutting, we’ll need quite a few.”

“Why? What do you have in mind?”

“I think we’ll decorate some of the family pictures. Everyone needs a nose job.”

“Ha-ha, hahaha..HA!”


Mischief Makers Day 14: Ex-stream-ly Exciting

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Day 14 Ex-stream-ly Exciting 

The Smoothie Sensation was, quite possibly, the best event of the season. 

At least so far. 

The kids woke up to a freezer full of strawberries and blueberries and their mom, who’s eyes were still a bit red and puffy from the experimental cookies, was just happy not to have to make breakfast. 

“You know,” said Pixie. “I really don’t know why Joe would think his mom was behind all of this.” 

“I know what you mean,” said Figgy. “Why would she purposely give herself a severe allergic reaction and then write a letter of complaint to Santa pretending to be angry about it?”

Pixie shook her head, smiling…only slightly. It was still too fresh to be really funny. 

Glitter came sailing through the window and landed with a clatter on the table. Green streamers rolled out in front of her. “I’ve brought the supplies you asked for.”


Pixie and Figgy still were not sure what Glitter had been up to at the North Pole. Or, for that matter, why it was such a big secret. They’d tried to get it out of her at check-in, but she just smiled and changed the subject. 

“So, what are your plans? What are you going to do with all these streamers?

Figgy and Pixie had brainstormed ideas for the next several nights. They had plans in place to wow the boys and, hopefully, keep their mom–if not happy, at least not angry.

“We are creating a Christmas tree made of streamers,” said Pixie. 

“We’re hanging it in the front door from the light fixture,” said Figgy.

“And…in the middle, we are building a secret fort for the boys to play in!” Pixie pirouetted and did a little curtsy.

“And then,” began Figgy. “Tomorrow night we—.”

“SHHHHH! Don’t give away all our plans, Figgy.”

Figgy shrugged his shoulders with a sheepish grin. 

Glitter raised an eyebrow.

Figgy and Pixie gathered up the green rolls. “Would you like to help us, Glitter?”

“Oh I would, but I have to get back to the North Pole to, erm, take care of a few things.”

It was Pixie’s turn to raise a brow. “Take care of what? What are you being so secretive about?”

But Glitter pretended not to hear as she flew out the window. “See you tomorrow!”

Pixie and Figgy watched her soar through the night. Something was definitely going on.


Mischief Makers Day 13: Smoothie Sensation


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Day 13 Fruit Fiasco

Santa’s office was crowded, stuffy and tense. Pixie and Figgy stood, head bowed, next to Glitter while Nim and Lil explained what had happened with the cookies.

“Apparently, Joe and Jake made their mom try Figgy’s…experimental cookies and, well, let’s just say it was not good. Not good at all.” Lil nudged Nim.

“Right,” he said, nodding at Lil. “On the bright side, Joe and Jake both enjoyed baking and decorating the cookies.”

Santa tapped his shiny black booted foot on the floor. He looked from Pixie to Figgy and from Figgy to Nim and Lil. 


Figgy cleared his throat. “Well…at least it got a laugh…”. Figgy gulped at Santa’s expression and looked at his toes.

“I don’t know what happened to cause the allergic reaction, Santa. All of the ingredients were from their pantry so we just assumed…”. Pixie trailed off, looking sorrowfully at Figgy.

“Ahem,” said Nim. “If I may, sir? I think it was the amount of cinnamon used in combination with the cayenne pepper and curry powder. It was very…potent.”

“I’ wa ike eaing a ‘ag o’ Red Hos,” said Glitter. She too had tried one of Figgy’s experimental cookies…much to her and her tongue’s regret. 


“What’s done is done,” Lil said briskly. “Now, we do damage control. What do you think Nim? Flower bouquet? Spa treatment? Theater tickets?”

“No, no, no,” said Santa. “You and Nim are Chief Mischief Makers now. It’s nice that you are dropping in to help now and again, but this is a problem that Pixie, Figgy, and Barrel must solve…on their own”

“What about Glitter?” asked Figgy. “Won’t she be coming back with us tonight?”

For the first time that night, Santa’s smile returned. “Glitter has some…other matters to attend to tonight.”

*      *      *

Figgy and Pixie flew back to the house in silence. So much was on their minds. How were they going to make up for the botched cookies? How were they going to keep Joe’s belief alive? What were the “other matters” that Glitter needed to “attend to”?

All thoughts of Glitter, Nim, Lil and even Santa’s displeasure fled as soon as they landed on the kitchen table. 

Barrel sat munching on a blueberries, a note from Joe under his back paws. A note that sent chills coursing down their little spines and drained the color from their tiny faces.

Dear Mom,

I know you are really the elves. 




Finally, Pixie broke the silence. “Forget about this Figgy. Focus on tonight and what we are going to do.”

“Forget about it?? Pixie, it’s right there. In writing. Joe doesn’t believe in us!!!”

“Then let’s make him believe! Let’s do something so great tonight that it will be impossible for him to think his mom is responsible. Let’s do something so awesome that their mom will completely forget about–.”

“Her burnt tongue? Her watering eyes? What can we do to erase those memories, Pixie?”

Pixie scowled and picked up a blueberry. “With that attitude, nothing. So let’s put our heads together and think of something.” 

PLOP! She threw the blueberry at Figgy’s head.

Figgy picked it up, ready to give Pixie a piece of his mind. Suddenly, his face lightened and he grinned. “Is there more fruit in the fridge? Because I have an idea.”


Mischief Makers Day 12: Cookie Craze



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Day 12 Cookie Craze

“Surprise!” Nim and Lil landed with a flourish on the counter as Figgy and Pixie were nervously reading the recipe for Nim and Lil’s Super Secret Sugar Cookie recipe. 

“OH THANK GOODNESS!!!” Glitter shouted as she charged to them. 

“Hey!” said Pixie with a frown. “We’re not doing that bad with this recipe.” 

Glitter turned, eyes narrowed and nodded at Figgy, who was covered in flour and frantically scooping sugar from a big bowl. 


“Ok, so Figgy put the entire bag of sugar in—”. 

“And the entire bottle of vanilla, and cinnamon—which isn’t even in the recipe!”  

Lil giggled. “It’s ok, we brought more vanilla and can help get you two back on track.”

Nim sniffed. “Mmmmm. The molasses cookie dough smells delicious!”

Figgy sighed. Heavily. “Well we made that last year didn’t we? It’s this abominable secret sugar cookie dough that we can’t quite get right.”

“Maybe if you’d follow the recipe….,” grumbled Glitter.

Figgy frowned. “I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit, Glitter.”

“Cayenne pepper would have changed it up a bit alright! What’s next? Garlic powder?”

Figgy scowled. “For all YOU know it would be delicious!”


“Guys, guys, calm down!” Lil scolded.

Figgy huffed. 

Glitter harrumphed.

Pixie looked at Nim and Lil, pleading with her eyes. Help!

“Ok,” said Lil. “Let’s all just take a deep breath and get back on track.”

“Fine,” said Figgy.

“If he would just stick to the recipe, then I–”.

“Glitter,” said Nim, a note of warning in his voice. 

Glitter snorted. “Fine.”

“I have an idea,” said Lil. “Figgy, why don’t you make a small batch of dough where you can experiment while Glitter, Pixie and I make the regular recipe?”


Figgy’s face brightened. “I’d love that!”

Glitter cleared her throat. “Just as long as he doesn’t mess with the original recipe, I suppose that is ok with me.”

Figgy took out a small bowl, spoon and apron and got to work. Nim and Lil watched with trepidation as he brought spices from the cabinet. 


“Are you sure about those, Figgy?” asked Pixie, eyeing the bottles. 

“Yep!” said Figgy. He dumped first ginger,  and topped it off with cayenne pepper. “Can you pass the maple syrup please?”


Mischief Makers Day 11: Sticky Situation

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Day 11 Sticky Situation

Oh little blank-et, soft and small
And made of red and gree-een
I want to fold you most of all
And decorate this sce-ene
With pillows and with fabric squares
A ribbon here, a throw rug there
Oh little blanket, soft and small
And made of red and gree-een

“I just don’t know what has gotten into Glitter lately,” whispered Pixie from her perch on the counter. 

“I know,” said Figgy with a snort. “Maybe she’s bored?”

Still sore from being scrunched up in two balls of yarn, Pixie and Figgy watched Glitter for a few more moments as she tidied up the living room. 


Deciding that she was well occupied with that chore, they both flew to the study in search of supplies. 

“We need a bunch of different colors,” said Pixie.

“And sizes,” added Figgy.

“What’s going on?” Glitter stood in the doorway, watching the elves as they gathered stacks and stacks of post-its. 


“We’re setting up the competition,” said Pixie.

“What competition?” Glitter sniffed suspiciously.

“On the one side we have Pixie, the Terror of the Tinsel!” Pixie held a pile of post-its in various colors.

“And on the other we have Figgy, the Gorgon of the Garland!” Figgy held an equally large and assorted pile of post-its.

Glitter looked at Barrel and sighed. 

Barrel looked at Glitter and scratched. 

Pixie and Figgy rolled foot over hat into the hallway and started plastering post-it notes on every available surface.

Or at least it seemed that way to Glitter. 

Upon closer look, however, she could see the beginnings of a—

“Creeper, check!” yelled Pixie as she zipped by Glitter.


And a few seconds later Figgy shouted. “Enderman, check!” 

The sound of rustling paper and zooming elves filled the room. Shouts of “Chicken, check!” and “Pig, check!” went on well into the wee hours of the morning. No post-it note was left unused. 


“We’ve successfully created a Minecraft World!” Figgy cheered and fist bumped Pixie. 

Oh little post-it, small and bright
All colorful and thi-in
I’ll sweep you up all nice and tight
And throw you in the trash bin
With other stuff, that won’t be used
A snotty rag, old pairs of shoes
Oh little post-it, small and bright
All colorful and thi-in

Confused and a little worried, Figgy and Pixie watched Glitter slowly make her way down the hall, clearing up the paper mess they’d left behind.

Something was definitely up. 



Mischief Makers Day 10: All Wound Up

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Day 10 All Wound Up

“Look at all these snowmen!” Pixie circled the table, eyes popping. Tea light snowmen covered the entire surface.

“Wow!” said Figgy. “They even decorated with some trees from our forest!”

“I guess they liked it,” said Glitter. “A lot.”

The elves had watched the boys from their hiding spot in the light fixture. Jake was bouncing on his toes with excitement and a small smile blossomed on Joe’s face when they woke up to their surprise craft. 

“Joe really seemed to enjoy himself,” Pixie’s eyes lit with hope. 

“Well they’re really going to like this!” Figgy twirled down from the ceiling on a string of fuzzy red yarn, a yoyo in each hand. 


Barrel barked at the red yo-yo as it bounced down-up down-up. 

“We thought since the boys’ yoyos broke, they would like new ones so they can keep practicing their tricks.” Pixie rolled out 

“Jake is getting really good at The Elevator,” said Glitter. 

“What other tricks are there?” asked Pixie. 

“Well, there’s The Creeper.” Figgy demonstrated. “Around the Corner” 


“Oh yes,” said Figgy. “And Walk the Dog.”


Barrel rollicked into the kitchen with a ball of yarn chasing him. Somehow, the end had tangled around his foot. The faster he ran, the faster the ball came at him. 



“BARREL! CALM DOWN!” yelled Pixie as she zipped to head him off at the stove. Figgy zoomed from the other side to help. 


“GLITTER? WHAT ON EARTH…?” Figgy watched Glitter galloping hard toward them. Barrel had stopped running, and seemed to have a bigger, goofier smile than usual. 

It was then, that the two elves noticed the placement of the yarn. Red and green strings criss-crossed around them in a complete circle.  


“Barrel, fetch!” Glitter smiled as she kicked the second ball of yarn. Figgy and Pixie were trapped and soon only their legs, face, and the tips of their hats were visible in the tangled balls of yarn. 

“Surprise!” Glitter snorted.


Mischief Makers Day 8: Silly Selfies


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Day 8 Silly Selfies 

Sunday, December 8
4 AM

Figgy and Pixie stared at each other from across the basement stairs. 

Figgy could almost see smoke coming from Pixie’s ears. 

Pixie saw the angry fire in Figgy’s eyes.


“I told you it was too heavy and too far!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Well it would have worked if you’d just held on for a few more seconds!” Figgy growled. 

“NO it wouldn–.”

“YES it woul–.”

“ENOUGH!” Glitter brayed. She narrowed her eyes at them both until they huffed and turned their backs to each other. “Now. How do we fix it before the whole house gets up?”

Pixie mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like “Frolicking featherbrained Figgy.” Glitter chose to ignore the comment.

The plan had been simple. Genius even. And it had all been going so well until…

Three hours earlier

We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
We’re taking so many selfies
Some here and some there!

Let’s take one with Jake
Let’s get one with Joe
Let’s get some with the parents
Some here and some there!

So…bring me a little Figgy
And get me a little Pixie
Yes, throw in a little Glitter
Hey Barrel come here!

“Did you get one with the Christmas tree?” asked Pixie.

“Yep, and one with the ca-a-ATS-too!” sneezed Figgy.

“Figgy, why would you do that. You are allergic!” Glitter rolled her eyes and snorted while Pixie brushed cat hair off of Figgy’s hat. 

Figgy smiled. Then sneezed. 


“Okay,” said Pixie. “Now for the grand finale.” She picked up a giant bag of red and green M&M’s and floated toward the garage door.

“I still think we should leave them clues to find us in the basement,” said Figgy.

Pixie shook her head, jingling her hat. “I told you, the bag is way too heavy and that is way too far to fly.”

“We can do it Pixie! We’ll just go fast.” Figgy turned to Glitter, “Can you leave them a few clues so they can find us?”

Glitter went to the cell phone they’d been using to take pictures and clicked one of Figgy and Pixie holding the bag of candy at the top of the stairs. “That should do it.”

Figgy took the phone from Glitter. ““Ok Pixie, just hold on tight!”

They were half-way down the stairs when it happened. 

“Figgy, I can’t hold it!”

“We’re almost ther—Aaaah-aah—-AAAH-CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!








“Jumping Jinglebells! What happened???” Glitter yelled.

“Ouch.” Figgy rubbed his head.

“Ooh.” Pixie stretched her neck.

A door opened, followed by the sound of running feet. “Mom! MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!


Mischief Makers Day 7: Toilet Paper Teasers



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Day 7 Toilet Paper Teasers

“Truce?” Figgy held out a hand with packing tape still stuck to it from the night before. 

Glitter looked suspiciously at Figgy and Pixie. Could they have forgiven her so easily?

“We’re not mad,” Pixie promised. 

“Honest,” added Figgy. “When the boys got up, they absolutely loved it!”

“Of course,” smiled Pixie. “All they wanted to do for the rest of the morning was play Minecraft so I’m not sure how well your little stunt went over with their parents….”

Glitter hesitantly raised a hoof. “Ok. Truce.”

“Now that that is settled,” said Pixie. “What should we do tonight?”

“I was talking to Nim and Lil at check-in,” said Glitter. 

“You mean, while we were taped to the wall above burning hot lava?” Pixie teased.

“Aaaand,” Glitter continued. “They sent this to help us with Joe and his doubts.”

Glitter held a giant heart shimmering with silver and gold glitter, just like the one she wore around her neck. 


Figgy looked doubtful. “Er…how exactly will that help Joe?”

“It’s not the heart, it’s what’s inside the heart.”

“Glitter, how will glitter help?” Pixie asked. 

The patient reindeer sighed and counted to ten before answering. “The glitter is magic. Christmas magic.”


“Yes. All we need to do is decorate a bit more and sprinkle this around the hou–”.

“And we can make snowflakes!” Figgy hooted.

“And write Christmas jokes everywhere!” Pixie hollered.

“On tiny, sticky pieces of paper!” Figgy jumped.

“On toilet paper squares!” Pixie bounced.

“Everywhere!” Both elves streamed into the air, a manic gleam in their eyes. They were moving so quickly, Barrel and Glitter could barely keep track of where they had been or where they were going. 

“Hey, Pixie! What does an elf learn in school?”


“The Elf-a-bet!” 

Maniacal laughter followed the punchline and the two kept going and going. 

They raced around the house, writing jokes, cutting snowflakes and leaving a trail of chaos behind them. Glitter, too baffled to do more than stare, finally put a stop to the mayhem.

“Ouch!” yelled Figgy.

“Ooomph!” cried Pixie.

The elves sat back to back, each in their own, personal roll of toilet paper. 

“Now…let me see…,” Glitter pranced around them, dragging a wad of toilet paper around them both. 

“Hey,” said Figgy. “What does that say?”

Pixie squinted and cocked her head to the side. “It says…’Jingle bells, stinky smells…HEY!”


Glitter raced off leaving a trail of toilet paper behind her with Figgy and Pixie shouting after her.

“That’s not funny Glitter! Get back here!”